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I woke in a sweat
From a dream that got me very upset
I called on the phone
Hoping you were home
To see if you were ok
"Yeah im ok" you say
And I tell you my dream
With the sincerest apologies
I dreamt you were in a car
Crashed by riverside
I dreamt that i was alive
And you didnt not survive
I woke up crying, in my bed alone
And i had to call you on the phone
I know I saw you last night
But i have to see you, just to make sure your alright
I've never had a dream i could remember
Thats why i surendered
I'm sorry that i worry
There was a house next to the river
A house I've seen before..It looked very familar
Somewhere i have been, It all looked to real
It all made me feel
Like it actully happened
So becarefull the next time you get in a car
And remember my dream, and dont stray to far
Dreams can come true
But this one i dont want it to
If anything of this nature would actully happen
I would be the one to die
And you would be the one survive
Couldnt imagine my life without you
The pain would be too much to bear
I'm sure you know i really care
and i hope our relationship will last
not go by to fast
And savor every moment were together
and our love
Will forever last


A circle gains a square
In this night of despair
The crys of what seemed to be an old woman...
Were heard
But could not be found
That raspy voice, I heared all night
Left me laying there in fright
I finally fell asleep that night, for the cries have stopped
As so did all other sounds of  nite
My eyes are closed,
My body is covered except for my toes
Not a sound in my house, nor anyother house
Wait, I hear creaking among the silent stinging
The door of my bedroom. Opened Slamming it against the wall
I look at the door, My eyes go from the ceiling to the floor
A shawdowy figure it seems to be
But what could this mean to me
Am i dreaming?
This shawdowy figure in the gloom of night
Who is this to me?
It must be my time to pay, for that one day.....
I shouldnt have done such a dreadful deed
Knowing one day i would pay
All that glory, all that fame,
Lost, as i lost my name with shame
But is this shawdowy figure in the gloom of night, here for me
If he is, Why hasnt he striked
In my bed i lay in fright,
the covers over my head
I glimpse  over at this monster who hids behind the shadows of my rooms
I see, Glacey, Red, Cat like eyes
Staring into mine
The eyes of this shadow disappear as he turns around,
Heading back the way he came
But a surprise to me...seeing that this shadow image turns back around
and takes a huge leap, on to my bed where i rest
And a paw, looking as of a lions paw, Claws bursting out
Come close to my face
As i felt my flesh being ripped off
The shadowy figure of the night
Jumped through the glass above my bed,
And glass shattered as i screamed for my life
I ache and moan the rest of the night, My  face hurting like alcohol
being poured onto my wounds
I realize now, that this was a sample of whats to come
If i dont change my life
I gaze into the stars, As i wonder where will i go from this dreadfull

"Was It Fate?"

In the mist of love
You can see the eyes of fate
Staring you in the face
A silhouette I see, Among the mist
Hand over My eyes, Sqwinting Trying to see
Who is this Silhouette, I see Among the mist
Is this my fate? Is this my Destiny to be?
I walk forward, Just a few Steps
Is this someone to fear? Or someone to love?
A dove flys By, Is this a sign, Or just nature taking curse?
is this a sign of love or Fate?
A cat?
Whats with the mist?
A sign of unseen, Or foggy ways
unsure, Uncertain
What are these signs, what is this day?
I look around At this Unfamilar place
Somethings changed...but not me
I look behind...At all thats gone by
I see the way of the old & familar Days
I look forward at the unknown
And i turn back
Running Quickly, to what i know
Running safe into the arms i call home
For i shall never see what come have come that day
Still i wonder
Was it really Fate?
Was it my destiny?
And what will become of me?
I wonder Of these things, All the time
Knowing I am not able to go back

anyone a bit sleepy =)