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Dillusional Demeter's Page

Hello my little Bananna nut chips!

Sorry, that's just my psychotic little welcome message. True, I am a tad abnormal...but you HAVE to be in order to survive in this world. First of all, this page has got 2 RPGs,a Fan-art Gallery and a fan-fiction page. ATTN: All RPGers almost all characters are available, and ATTN: All drawers good and not so good. I NEED DRAWINGS. I can't supply all of them! The same goes with authers! Thanks,

Catchya on the flip side!
-Oriana Edmead

The RPG personality Database
Where you can find out about my *Backstage* RPG Characters!!!

The Roll playing rooms
Come visit my *Special* RPG. It's different from any other RPG you've been on.

The sketch pad
This is where you can show off your fan art!

Where you can read a story, or if you're an auther, post one.

Look! My sister Maggie's Rumpelteazer!

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