STJ Forensic Team

Okay, I'm a member of the Speech Team (or FORENSIC Team, as it were) at Saint James School. When I tell people that, I usually get the same reaction: "The what team??" So, I don't even bother with telling anyone anymore. It doesn't matter -- I hardly ever told people anyway. Not that I'm ashamed, of course. It's just that no one (who doesn't already know) understands, and I get tired of explaining. Plus, it doesn't really matter to others all that much. Outside of NFL members, not that many people care about the activity -- especially students at our school. After just about every tournament, we come home with trophy, after trophy, after trophy. I think they figure it must all be really easy and that anyone could do it. They don't realize exactly HOW MANY people participate in this! They probably believe it's a relatively small thing -- but it's not. However, due to the rest of the school's attitude, (while I'm not an arrogant person by nature -- or at least in public..), I DO consider it somewhat elite. It DOES take skill and it DOES require hard work. (Oh, and having a brain -- to speak of -- is a necessity, too.) Those are things many students here just don't have/know how to do.

If you're a member of the team, look around this part of the site a bit, and see if you find it to your liking. If you guys have anything you'd like me to put on here, I'm sure I'd be happy to oblige. Just tell me. For those of you who AREN'T on the team (who go to Saint James), I'm hoping you'll look around a little, too. Find out about the activity, and if you think it's something you might enjoy, I urge you to join the team! We need as many people as we can get. But for anyone looking for a good time who's NOT willing to work, I hope some of the things on this site will DISSUADE you from joining. After all, quantity is a good thing, but it's no substitute for quality. So check it out, and if you'd be interested in joining, talk to Mrs. Coody or Mr. Harrison.