Hey, people, we're free! No more PE! Are you excited?? Well, I was too -- at first. I was like "Thank the Lord, I hated that gay shit." And you all know it sucked. But here's the thing.. girls, when do we get to talk to each other anymore? I mean, think about it. Sure, Miles, Bridgeman, and Willie were annoying, but we never paid any attention to them. We just talked and walked around. Now the only time we get to really talk to each other is lunch.. And that's only 25-30 minutes!! What the hell is that?? Ashley, you were right. Sophomore year is a BITCH. And it ain't gettin' any cooler. ..Now, I'd meant this page to just be used to remind us of how damn horrible PE was.. but now that I think about it.. it wasn't THAT bad -- not in comparison with what we got now. So, I'm gon' take this in a new direction.. Girls, let's look back on better days..