The most well-known Amazon kingdom was Thermondontines; this name appeared frequently in Greek stories and poetry. The name "Amazon" comes from the Greek word meaning "missing one breast." Amazon women did not have a right breast, because it got in the way when they threw spears. The Amazons isolated themselves from men, but if they gave birth to children, the males were killed or left to die, and the females were raised to be warriors. The Amazons sought not only to avoid men but to be superior to them. The father of the Amazons is thought to be Ares, and the mother is Harmonia.

Two queens existed in Amazonian society. One dealt with domestic affairs and the other with matters of defense. When the Amazons sought conquest, they fought both on horseback and on foot, wielding a variety of deadly weapons. An example of one of these weapons was known as a labrys, which is a double-bladed axe. Amazons first mounted horses and used iron. Some mythologists have speculated that the half horse, half human creature so prevalent in many forms of mythology was actually a visual misinterpretation of what was in fact an Amazon warrior on horseback.

This is a labrys.  Scary, huh?!?>

The Amazons were capable of taming wild animals. These warriors were fervent believers in the supernatural and the mystical. There were a number of different tribes of Amazons in different locations spoken of throughout mythology.

The following quotes give adequate descriptions of Amazon women:

"Their costume is usually a short tunic girt up for action, frequently open at one side in order to display the woman's figure. The effort is always, not to show them to be foreigner's who wear a fantastic garb, but to indicate plainly that they are women warring with men."
- Florence Mary-Bennett

“Today, Amazon kingdoms like that of the Thermondontines may be understood as the necessary creation of fiery asceticism, a heroic method for the formation of passionate individuality of a new order.”
- H. Diner

“Amazons tattooed themselves. Amazon women covered themselves with geometric and animal motifs.”
- Herodotus:

“The Amazons were proud, capable women who firmly worshipped the Goddess. They bowed to no man for any reason. If history has recorded them as war-like and man-haters, consider that men of strictly patriarchal cultures persecuted and killed them for their beliefs, then wrote the histories. The Amazons refused to submit to the loss of their freedom and rights, therefore they were considered to be dangerous and unnatural. Their extinction was brought about by the Greeks and other patriarchal societies because of the Amazon's fierce defense of the matriarchy and the rights of women.”
- D.J.Conway

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