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R&D Department

This is where I put my concepts for nerf guns and ammo; go ahead, look

The truly semi-automatic or automatic Nerf Gun:
If there were a truly semi/auto nerf guns out there, then we wouldn't have to pump or cock guns.
Spring power:
One simple(?) way to make a semi weapon would be to have it so that it cocks when you pull the trigger. The problem is, that it takes a lot of air to move a dart significantly, which needs a bigger cocking power.
If there were a way to power the gun with gas(CO2) then the trigger could just release gas, and blowback the trigger mechanism.

One way to solve the problem of self contained power is to have it so each dart has its own gas source behind, that you just insert the dart into, and then insert the module into the gun. This would mean bulkier, heavier guns, but they could shoot faster despite the time needed to prime darts before battle. Ok, so this really wouldn't be efficent.

I got this from Commando4:

The motion detection sentry gun: It sounds hard but I think it is very possible. Go to the store and buy a motion detector light and parts for a homemade pnumatic nerf gun with solenoid valve trigger. Now build a pnuematic nerf weapon with a solenoid trigger system. Attach the t the solenoid wires to the motion detector at the spot where the the light was. This attachment may require several resitor or tranformers to lower the voltage. But when you are done you have a one shot sentry gun that will defend a door or what ever. This idea could also be used with any type of electronic sensor. It could be a touch switch, sound sensor, ect... Also nerfers to (as far as I know) have yet to invent a automatic or a decent semi-automatic fireing system. Right now this is just an idea but if I ever get the reasources to make it I will.

My Idea for a circut completion firing gun: Assuming there is a way to shoot a gun electronically(spellcheck), It should be possible to make a gun that fires when a circut is completed, like if one side of the wire was on a door that slides open, and the other side is where the sliding door touches when open, then the gun would fire when it's circut is completed.
I got some good feedback on the NC forum (Nerf Center)

I bought the Comando Bot; it's pretty cool. If only there was some way to make it shoot micros. If I could make it shoot those, it would be awsome in a nerf indoor war, one reason is because it has a motion sensor alarm. You could just put it behind a door and wam! when the enemy comes in the alarm goes off and it shoots micro darts at them. That would be tight.

--Bounty Hunter (Grammar edited for his own good. I think my spelling needs it too.)

Another breech loader idea:

A cool breech loader design It has a 3/4" PVC pipe outer casing that has the 1/2" barrel inside it. The 1/2" barrel does the sliding. Both the back of the casing and the back of the barrel have airtight seals that meet so it does not leak when fired. The dowel provides the lock that slides along the gooved cut and locks it when ready to fire, but easily opens when reloading. At the end of the casing is a brushing(3/4" to 1/2" adapter with the obstructing ridges inside of it taken out) so that the barrel remains properly aligned coming out of the casing. I have high hopes for this one. Now for buying the dremel...

I had this idea submitted by DinkElf:

A spring powered mortar...interesting. It has notches carved in the side that let you set the power you want. Unlike pneumatic mortars, which require a lot of pumping for their big airtanks to launch big projectiles(kinda) this is spring powered. It doesn't look like It'd have the power of a pneumatic, but I think It would do for close ranges when you want sheer quantity over quality...yea.

Any new concepts, mail them to me, Fred Stickman

Include a picture if you can to explain it, and I'll post it for you. Your email will be included with your post so your fans can email you.

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