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Marty-My pet green bananna/midget.

Marty is my pet green bananna/midget. Sometimes he's a bananna, sometimes he's a disgruntled elflike man. You never know what he'll do. That's why I keep him. These are marty's vacation he's sent so far:

Marty visits Grand Canyon

Days 1-3

Marty first went to the Grand Canyon, even though it was 1500 miles out of the way. He got pulled over by a cop for underage driving, but then Marty proved his adult-hood with his elf ID card. When he finally arrived at the Grand Canyon, he had to pay money for admission, tours, binoculars, a donkey, a T-shirt, 45 feet of rope, and 4 gallons of petroleum jelly. But once there, he thoroughly enjoyed it, until he found out it's just a big hole. He was not pleased after that, and drove home on day 3.