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Some of us like to just play nerf. Others wish to play it rough. Then there's Nerftech...

This is equipment that every Nerfer could use. Besides guns, of course!


(this is because most laser pointers are class 3 lasers that burn a hole in your eye after 5 seconds of exposure, but you don't know it until you're 36 with kids and can't see because of those little holes in your vision.)


  1. Supportive, quiet shoes: no ankle problems or noise
  2. Gloves: Better Grip and look cool.
  3. Shades: No Glare, look cool.
  4. Compass: Old Boyscout trick.
  5. Food: Running requires energy.
  6. Water: makes you have to pee, decreases chanses of heat exhaustion.
  7. Walkie talkies: Frequency other than 49mhz lets you not be intercepted.
  8. Distractors

NIGHT Mom lets you stay up late.

  1. Days (see above) #1,2,4,7,8
  2. Black or camo clothes: Can't be seen.
  3. Flashlight: Lets you do the seeing.
  4. Lasersight: Works best at night, Do not point at eyes!


Ok, techniques aren't really devices or gadgets, but they are sort of handy.

Built in range finder-
Believe it or not, humans have a built in range finder. When you point at something, your finger actually only aligns with one eye(usually the dominant one). The distance between your eyes is 1/10 the length from your dominant eye to your finger. So point at the target, and then look at your finger with the other eye and see how offset it is. Mulitply the distance it seems to be offset by 10, and you have an approximante distance.


These are gadgets you could need. They are easy to make and are very handy.

Paper clip: The paper clip can pick simple indoor locks, like the bathroom's for example. If there is a hole in the doorknob on the outside of the bathroom, stick in a paperclip to release the lock. Bust booty.

Trips: Trip wires are used to trip people. Don't use these on cement, it HURTS! Ductape a piece of fishing wire in a doorway. It is hard to see in the daytime, let alone night time. Be sure to tape it good as a buff guy like me could just kick it down without knowing.

Old bucket above the door trick: You'd be surprised. Put the bucket above the door, I would NOT suggest water! try those useless Foam balls as the "grenades" do lots of damage.

Gum on lightswitch: None of the gadgets are too hard, are they? Enjoy some gome on the way into the house, then plop it on the switch when its off. Try cinnaburst, it seems to be very sticky. Don't tell mom theres gum on her room lights...

Vasoline on doorknob:
"Ok, I'm gonna enter the house"
(static)"Rodger, over"
He grabs the doorknob, twists, twists again, swears...
Carrying around vasoline is stupid, but it makes turning circular doorknobs hard. Your hands become slick too. Very good for defending a base with doors. Apply thick, but not so much it can be seen.

Light fan: Ductape a small flashlight to a handheld fan's handle. When it spins, the flashing affect is confusing in dark rooms. try it in the dark, it is wierd.


Devices are more complicated than gadgets, but sweet.

TPFB: Had this idea as a little kid, and it was awsome. Stands for Toilet-paper-flour-bomb. Fill a toilet paper tube with flour, and cover the ends with foil. Foil is more brittle than paper. Put this in a wrapping paper tube, and swing over head to throw. Poking a few holes in foil prior to launch helps it break further. You do not want to be hit whith one of these!!! It makes a good diverson, as it scares the crap out of people. Really, it is very inaccurate, but who's gonna' know?

Ok, I told you I would have a smoke bomb recepie, and I do, but I haven't tried it yet due to the fact that I can't find any saltpeter(potassium nitrate). It's something like melting the saltpeter with sugar and water(I can't remember the ratio right now, besides, I haven't tried it yet.) and making a candle-type thing with it. Funny how the smoke bomb is really a smoke candle...It is suppousted to make a lot of smoke.
Anyhoo, I was going to say that a smoke candle recepie will be posted asap, once I find that saltpeter...(Would it be cool if I could make one of those smokebombs that ninjas throw on the ground and blind enemies? Yes.)

How to make duct tape...anything

Duct tape allows you to make all kinds of nice nerf things. I'll try to explain, but if I had a camera it'd be easier.

Ammo Holder: These are easy to make, but the first thing you need is something to put the ammo loops on. Stick two pieces of duct tape together, sticky sides together so neither side sticks to anything. You can loop these into an armband, belt, leg loop, helmet, be creative. You then rip a 2-3" piece off, and tear this in half length wise. It makes a strap. You can take this, and tape it to the ammo holder over a dart so it is the perfect size. It holds it tight and yet easy to get out. Now, you need more than one loop. You can either make all these loops individually, or tier them. Tiering uses less space, and holds more darts, but the surface holding the darts must be straight--it can't be curverd around an arm. Pic of tiering:

A tiered armband, duh.

Hand to hand weapons

Because most nerf guns have a slow rate of fire(RoF) and most nerf guns have a slow reloading time, there is a need for hand to hand weapons. Wether it's attacking when they're reloading or sneaking up behind them and making a 'stealth kill', these are very useful. Some ways to make these are to be creative with cardboard and duct tape, put PVC in a pool noodle, buy one of those plastic toy knives that compress when you stab stuff. I like those. You can make anything out of duct tape, it isn't hard to do.

Breech loader idea

Here's my idea for a breech loading gun. First, look at the pic: It basically has a casing that slides into the bigger barrel and the dart is shot through the casing into the standard 1/2" PVC barrel(3/4" for megas to have the tips fit). I'm pretty sure this will work, but would only be practical on long barrels. I'll try it on my homemade gun when I build it and tell you all how it goes.

Any suggestions, you should MAIL ME