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Guns of DOOM!

Ok, I only have 5 done of my 37 nerf guns(that's right, 37). It was either do this or Visual C++.

These are all guns I own and love(most of them). I think it is facist to post mods and reviews for guns I've never used or seen.

Note for distance: A nerf gun isn't going to get over 200 ft of distance. I'd have to be traveling at over 300fps or something. That'd break skin because of the mass of the dart. In reality, most battles done indoors will have a shooting range of only 15-25 feet, which is further than it looks. Distance is heavily overestimated, because distances people think are around 100 feet only measure to 36. I measure my distances with a tape measurer. Don't get me wrong, there are guns that can shoot over 100 ft out there*, and those are the ones that knock you over when they hit you which is cool. But, for those of you that swear your modded nerf gun can shoot over a football field in length, i'd like to hear you tell that to someone you'r trying to impress, and then have it shoot to the 15 yard line. They're just nerf guns. If you want something to incapicitate squirrels, go buy a real gun.

Note for Accuracy: A nerf gun shooting a dart, or an arrow, or a ball is not going to consistantly hit targets. Face it, darts are't vert areodynamic (although some homemade ones are). Darts are not created in perfect uniform, therefore will not get perfect uniform accuracy. Neither a dart or nerf gun is built to perform like a bullet or gun (and nerfguns don't have rifled barrels, either). They're just toys. But for those of you who swear you can shoot a target off your girlfriend's dogs' head from 60 feet away with a X-bow or a tornado, go ahead and knock that poodle's head off. She's your woman. Go ahead, test your gun's accuracy claims.

*There are guns out there that use some alternative method other than air preasure, like co2(the stuff you breathe out) or HPA(High Preasured air; we're talking psi in the thousands, folks), but that isn't nerf, is it?

Note for mods: You stupid Schmuck, If you bust your gun doing these mods, don't cry to me; it isn't my fault you have fat figers! Be sure to read each mod carefully, then reread. They aren't hard mods either. Just have fun shooting your gun and realize that they're not real guns and won't perform like real ones no matter what you do to them.

The Laserfang! The Vortex Tornado! The Lock N' Load The Pulsator! Tripple strike:  Mmm, Beefy! The Sharpshooter II! The 750!
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