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Welcome to my Nelson Brothers Fan Page! This site has been created to show how much I enjoy the music of a wonderful duo... The Nelson Brothers! I have been a fan of Matthew and Gunnar Nelson since 1990. Eight years later, I still love their music. About myself, (Nelson fan), 19, happily married (4 months), work for a small ISP and I love to listen to music. A little about the guys... they are the sons of Rick Nelson and grandsons of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson. I have always held a deep respect for the quality entertainment the entire Nelson Family has given us through the years. My entire family (grandparents included) have enjoyed the Nelsons for years. I believe Matt and Gunnar have a gift that is seldom found in the world today. Matthew and Gunnar have been on the cover of People Magazine and on numerous TV programs. This year, Matt and Gunnar were featured on A&E's (Arts & Entertainment) Biography. The Nelson's are taking a new step in their music career. Matt and Gunnar are now going Country! The brothers have also appeared on CMT, MTV and numerous talk shows. I hope all of you are as excited to hear their first big country release! Please visit to get more information on this release and on the brothers! As this site grows, I hope to have pictures, articles, etc. Please visit my links as well. If anyone would like to leave comments about this page, e-mail those to me. I also need some ideas from fellow Nelson Brothers fans. Remember, this is your page too!