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The Voice of Lina Inverse

Ms. Ortiz is a voice actress with considerable talent and the ability to take on various different character types. She was Deedlit in the LODOSS WAR OVA and TV series, Aluza in the first GALL FORCE feature, the twins and Azalyn from IRRESPONSIBLE CAPTAIN TYLOR, and has done several characters on POKEMON including the movies. But her biggest claim to fame is the role of Lina Inverse in the SLAYERS television series. She has also done some voice overs for the online cartoon BARBARIAN MORON.


Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Pokemon, Slayers, Rayearth, Gall Force, Record Of Lodoss War, Battle Arena Toshinden, Takegami, Virgin Fleet, Barbarian Moron

Interview taken at Project A-Kon 11, June 2000.