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Jay's HuskerPower

updated 09.16.02

Fire Craig Bohl

Craig Bohl is a disgrace and should have been thrown off the plane on the way back to Lincoln. His pathetic excuse of a defensive gameplan sickened me. Where do I begin? Let's start having a linebacker cover the short routes. Isn't there somebody up in the pressbox notifying him what the hell is going on? It seems to me he's in over his head. We've got the players. All this crap that we're "too slow" or "too many white dudes" is absolute garbage. Nobody complained about the color of Grant Winstroms skin and let's not forget the color of Erwin Swiney's skin.....or was that because he was getting burned most of the time? We've got the know it and I know it.
What we don't have is a defensive coordinator. What the hell was he thinking in the third quarter...that suddenly Penn State was going to abandon their whole game, which by the way was working wonderfully, for a running game that would have been stopped cold by Clanton, Smith, Kabongo & Co. ?
Iowa State is licking their chops and believe me, if they get ahead they are not going to lay down and "be nice"...they are going to stick it so far up our ass you won't know what hit you. If they're able to score 100 points THEY WILL.
NU should never, I repeat NEVER, lose to the likes of Iowa State. If it means taking Seneca out of the game so be it. If we do lose to Iowa State I will personally challenge each and every defensive player from the first string down to the fifth string to a one-on-one test of strength and football prowess.

Iowa State Preview

I've got a bad feeling about this one. Iowa State could do some serious damage to the Big Red. On paper it looks all Iowa State....that's a good sign for the Huskers. Seneca Wallace has got the tools to inflict some damage. Everything is going the 'Clones way as I predicted earlier in the preseason. However, NU is not the team you want to have "cornered". NU traditionally has done well in games where they are the underdog - Jay says they will be 3.5 dogs this game. Unfortunately NU has problems doing well with two weeks to prepare. I'm not sure how this game is going to end up, but I'm sure that the Huskers will be much improved...if they aren't, we won't make a bowl game this year and you can kiss 9 win streak bye-bye. Iowa State better be careful....Troy State could bite them if they take them lightly. In fact, if they lose to Troy State the NU game will be a Husker blowout.
If Craig Bohl doesn't make adjustments, which he most certainly will, he should be shot in front of Dave Weber during the post-game interviews.

That's it for now.