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All Mazin Biodegradable golf tees and other plastic products are completely biodegradable when introduced into active biological environments.  The biodegradation process is affected by temperature, humidity, pH, and substratum activity.  Effective biodegradation rates will vary. Mazin Golf Tees will degrade in moist soil, unlike other biodegradable golf tees that must be in a compost pile to degrade.

Biodegradable plastics at Mazin International meets the demands of injection molding companies and companies who want an environmentally friendly product.  Call today for the information on Mazin International biodegradable bioplastics difference.  Until you have used Mazin International's bioplastics you you will never know how straight forward you can covert your product to a biodegradable polymer.

bioplastic is sold only on a commercial basis,
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Mazin is the environmentally friendly biodegradable resin that can be molded to produce a variety of plastic like objects. It can be used in many biodegradable applications including: disposable cutlery, biodegradable golf tees, biodegradable bag tags and other products.

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