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My name is Carol Gregg Tramp. I am interested in Gregg Family History. I am currently working on finding outinformation about the Gregg Family Line. Which country did they come from? Any other information I could find about their native land would be interesting.


Thomas Gregg and his wife Lucy Heaberd were found in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia Lucy d. between Jan 9th, 1730/31 and Mar. 1730/31. The couple does not have much known about them except that they were tobacco planters. Children included: 1)Thomas Gregg Jr.b. 1689 in Stafford Co. Virginia and d. before 1736 2)James Gregg b. 1725 m. Jane Owsley, d. before 1734, James spent his entire life in Loudoun Co. Virginia. Jane Owlsey b. 1680, Loudoun Co. Virginia. Died before May 5, 1734. 3)Lucy Gregg b. 1683, m. Edward Humston Sr. 4)Elizabeth Gergg b. 1686, m. Benedict Newton II

Thomas Gregg died in Loudoun Co. Virginia in 1699. His wife Lucy was born in 1656, unknown where.

notes from USGendex file - On June 2 1699, Thomas Gregg jr. deeded his brother James Gregg a portion of the 795 acres between branches of the Occoquan River and the Neabsco Run patented to him April 14, 1698. On 4th November 1707, 240 acres was patented to James Gregg on the north side of the Occoquan River next to the land acquired through his marriage to Jane Owsley. On May 24, 1717, he also received a patent for 600 acres on the south side of the Potomac Creek. This land was where he and his family lived.

Their son James Gregg married Jane Owsley, daughter of Major Thomas Owsley of England. They spent their lives in Stafford County, Virginia. James Gregg died soon after 1724. He was a tobacco tender in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co. Virginia. Their children were: (probably) James Gregg b. 1700, d. after 1724 and before 1734 Lucy Gregg b. 1702, d. after 1787, m/ 1. John Peak d. 1756, m/2 Robert Mosely d.1787 Matthew Gregg b. 1704, d. 1756 m/1 Catherine _________? m/2 Elizabeth? Chinn John Gregg b1706 d. ? Sarah Gregg b. 1707 d. before 1749 Lettice Gregg b. 1709, d. before 1749 Jemima Gregg b. 1711, d. after 1749

My ancestor,Matthew Gregg married first Catherine _____________. children included: John Gregg b. May 10, 1740 d. 1826 in Bourbon Co. Kentucky 1)John was a major in the American revolution from Stafford Co. Virginia 2)James Gregg b, May 15, 1745 d. 1825 m/1 Elizabeth? Garrard, M/2 Ann Hughes, Married Elizabeth ? Chinn in 1751?. He and Elizabeth, his second wife had one child, 3)Mathew Gregg born May, 1752.

REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND MATHEW GREGG Mathew Gregg was baptized September 17th, 1751 d. March 1832 Married Nancy Gibson in 1769.They both died in the home of their son John on March 30, 1832. Nancy was adopted and raised by a Lady Greystock on a James River, VA Plantation.He was a free will baptist minister, but considered himself a farmer. Joined the Revolutionary army at the age of 31 in October, 1776, enlisting from Stafford Co. Virginia. He served a three year term enlistment. His company was commanded by Capt. Mountjoy and belonged to the 10th Virginia Regiment . He was transferred to Capt. Thomas Holt's company and Col. Buford commanded that. Later he was transferred to Capt. Woodson's Company. He was in the Battles of Monmouth of Strawberry Hill & Valentine's Hill. Later he served under Capt. John Spotwood and Colonels Edward Stevens and John Green. He was discharged from the army December 1779.

Third son of Matthew, Mathew Gregg married Nancy Gibson. they had eight children. Their children included:Elizabeth, b. May 25th, 1774, married Henry Baker Mar. 5, 1795 in Bourbon Co. Kentucky. 2) Sarah b. November 13, 1778, married David M. Rees. 3) Nancy b. Oct. 11, 1781, in Va. Married Uriah Edwards Jr. June 30, 1803 in Campbell Co. KY. 4) Lucy Gregg b. Jan. 15, 1783 Va., d. before 1830. Married Sept.23,1880, Campbell co.. KY to Samuel Thompson. 5) John Gregg b. April 23, 1786 in Campbell co. KY. Married Frances Spillman Oct. 12, 1805. Frances was born April 23, 1783 in Va, and died June 29th , 1861. John d. Aug. 19th, 1857, buried in the Russiaville Cemetery, Rush Co. Ind. 6) Mary Gregg (Polly) br. May 11, 1789 in Campbell Co. KY., Married Wilson Thompson May 24,1810 in same co. He was a nephew or uncle to Samuel Thompson. She died Aug. 24, 1875. 7)James Gregg b. Sept 25th, 1791 in Campbell Co. Va. m/1 Elizabeth Waters, Nov. 25, 1812 Married Aug.7th, 1814 to Nancy McCormick. he died 1828 in Rush Co. Ind. He relocated to Rush Co. Ind. in 1820 where they purchased land. 8)Maria Gregg b. Sept. 20, 1799 Campbell Co. KY. m. March 15, 1815 to Robert Culbertson and died?

GREGGS IN KENTUCKY Mathew was granted a land pension in Indiana in 1820. He moved from Bracken Co. Kentucky to Rush Co. Indiana with most of his family. It. was Oct.1818 before Mathew applied for a land grant pension. This pension was granted in Rush Co. Ind. they moved in 1820 to the wilderness at that time. Both of them died the same day from the Black plague.


Their son John Gregg fought in the War of 1812 in the battles of Fort MEigs . Battle of the Thames near Canand on Oct. 5, 1813. His service included dates of March 29th to Aug. 13, 1813. He contracted a nearly deadly case of the measles which almost killed him. On the trip home to Kentucky from Canada he caught dropsey and the other troop members left him and another man behind. If they hadn't found a milk cow and some kindly Indians he would have never made it home. He married Frances Spillman Oct.12, 1805.they left Kentucky for Indiana Rush Co, where they lived in Richland Township. Rush Co. at first was nothing but a huge forest. It was common for people to lose their way working through the forest. John and his brother James organized the rist Methodist church in the area. Their children included: 1)Sarah Gregg b. 1807 Campbell Co. KY, m. 1823 Samuel Cones 2) Nancy Gregg b. 1809 Campbell Co. KY, m. 1824 Joseph Cones 3) Rebecca Gregg b. 1811 Cambbell Co. KY, M. Robert Snodgrass 4) Mary (Polly) Gregg b. 1813 Campbell Co. KY. m. Walter Evans 5) Mathew Gregg b. 1815, KY m. Anna Thorton Lewis in 1836 in Clay Co. MO 6) James Gregg b. 1817 in Ky, m. Nancy Aldrich/ Nancy McCormick 7)Jane Gregg b. Mar 11, 1820 Rushville, Rush co. Ind., m. John Cooper, 1840? 8)Lucy Gregg b. Feb. 7, 1822, Shelbyville, Shelby, IND, m. James Cooper September 26th,1839, d. May 22, 1873 9)Elizabeth Ann Gregg b. Jun 5, 1827 Rush Co. Ind. m. Andrew Mathes Jun 26th, 1847 He and his brother James formed the first Radical Methodist Church in Hopewell,Indiana. In 1834 the family moved to Missouri.

GREGGS MOVE TO MISSOURI In 1834 he and Francis, Matthew, and their youngest daughters moved to Caldwell Co. Mo. Matthew met his wife Annie Thorton Lewis daughter of James and Margaret Kelsey Lewis whom he married in 1836 in Clay Co. Missouri. Because of the unfavorable reaction to their Morman Faith in 1839 they moved back to Indiana and settled later in Clinton Co., IA.

MATTHEW GREGG FAMILY IN IOWA Matthew and Anna Thorton Lewis Gregg settled first in clinton co. Ia. Later they relocated to Woodbury Co. Ia where they operated a shingle mill. Matthew died in 1885 and is buried in the Sloan, IA cemetery with a wooden cross marker. Anna moved to Vermillion, SD where she lived out the last years of her life. She died in 1903 and is buried in a small rural cemetery in the Bergen Lutheran Cemetery several miles west of town. Their chidren include: 1)John Matthew - b. June 15, 1840, Clinton Co. Ind. married Margaret Compton . died in Sioux City, Ia april 29th, 1930. 2)Joseph B. b. 1842, stayed single all his life. D. in Oregon June 21,1923. 3)William b 1844 in Ind. single, died in Oregon May 28, 1937. 4) Estella Leona b. Jan. 18, 1856 Clinton Co. Ind. m. Sanford Boyles Dec. 30, 1876. Died in Pierre SD Mar. 12, 1934 5)Samuel Grant Gregg b. May 15, 1860, Harrison Co. MO married Molly Brown Feb. 2, 1888. He had been married before to a Ivy Ketchum but they divorced. Samuel died in Yankton SD april 2, 1942. He is buried in Vermillion Bluffview Cemetery, SD. (this is my great-grandfather) 6)Medora - died as a small child when the Greggs were returning to Iowa or Indiana from thier unhappy experience in MO. She was buried along the trail according to family records. 7)James ? 8)George - died when about five years old is buried in the Russiaville cemetery with his grandparents John and Frances Spillman Gregg. 9) Emily b. 1848 died young as a teenager 10)Dema b. 1846 died young as a teenager 11. Laura died when about four years old

It is important for readers viewing this home page to know that the sources I used for this homepage creation included: personal family information., Stafford Co. VA records. Rushville Library and courthouse records, Rushville, IND., Matthew Gregg's will, Daughters of American Revolution records, Family history's from various descendents of the John Gregg family, The Register of the Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co. VA,