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Trip to Kamloops 2004

Our Trip to Kamloops 2004

Visiting Lake Louise

At Kamloops!

The view of downtown from Overlander Bridge

4th Avenue and Victoria

Columbia Street

Royal Inland Hospital

Gabe at a downtown park before his (successful!) interview

The UCC Health Sciences Building where Brianna will be attending school

A view from inside the Health Sciences building

The entrance to Respiratory Therapy

Ecole Lloyd George Elementary school

Canada Day Festivities in the Kamlooops waterpark

The beach at downtown Kamloops

Eli and Reese enjoy the beach

Paul's Lake, just a short drive from Kamloops

A visit to Shuswap Lake

Shuswap Marina where we rented a boat and went out on the lake. The water was so clear and amazing- we swam in it and didn't freeze!

A view into Salmon Arm

We stayed over night at a Motel/Senior's Home/Bar/Grill/Liquor Store!

The seniors shared their pool with us (we didn't actually swim in it tho)

Gabe and Ryan pose with a scooter

Ryan gettin' into the mood. We actually met lots of nice seniors!

Time to head back to Saskatchewan

...until fall!