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The Story of Iceselkie When creating your own name, something that somehow captures a bit of that essence that is you, it might slip off your tongue quite easily or it might remain a wordless whisper hanging like a breath in the icy air. For me, it had to describe the murky depths of that primordial beginning- but at the same time, the brilliance of creation that is beyond our present understanding. So far, I only know of one other that held dearly the love not only for the ocean, but the cradling oneness with water and the beneficent shapes that glided within. Plunged into the blue, you might for one moment feel that there is no less air there than in your walking world, and you might watch with wonder as you let escape your last breath; a glittering, scrambling messenger to the surface. If you looked within the eyes of Jacques Mayol, you might see the watered-down depths of his world. If you look within mine, you might see salty turquoise pools with a lone seal, glistening. I felt, that perhaps I was once one, as a creature of the water, much like a selkie. A selkie is a creature that emerges from the skin of a seal to dance upon the shoreline. Itís been said that if you take a selkieís skin, she will be trapped on earth forever, walking as part of the human race, yet apart. Memory of Oneness with the ocean is frozen within her heart, like an icicle, only to creep out like tiny salt-water rivulets from tear ducts. Therein lies the name, in the salinity of those tears, in the crash of waves upon the shore, the gurgle of water coursing like an unseen vein beneath your feet, the splitting and cracking of glaciers formed in another age.

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