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the art of mehndi

a very beautiful lady
i am applying mehndi using tiny plastic baby bottles from a local craft store
modeled by my sister
a handsome design
a lovely way to draw attention to your feet, if they aren't too ticklish
close-up of a palm. the dark henna paste flakes off, leaving a reddish-orange stain that lasts 2-3 weeks
my own hand. flowers are commonly depicted in traditional design

New! A pic of my pg belly with a mandala!

Some of these designs were inspired by those in Loretta Roome's most excellent book, Mehndi: The Timeless Art of Henna Painting. Every summer, for the past three years, I have sat in parks and on streets during festivals, decorating people's skin with this ancient art. It is a very rewarding exchange. I have met some very amazing people and have had the opportunity to create very beautiful designs.
Here's a link for those interested in learning more.

all photos private property of brianna,1999-2002