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7. why love sucks

the moon in june is a big baboon/ it makes you swoon/ it makes you croon/ being on.../la lune

lu'natic - adj. [from the latin luna for moon, for the belief that lunacy fluctuated with the phases of the moon] 1 a: affected with lunacy: INSANE etc.

lu'nacy- [lunatic] 1 a: insanity interupted by lucid intervals  b:of of various forms of insanity... 2: wild foolishness: extravagant folly  syn see INSANITY

love - n. ...1 a: affection based on admiration or benevolence b: an assurance of love 2 a: a warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion <~ of the sea> b: the object of such attachment or devotion  3 a: unselfish concern that freely accepts another in loyalty and seeks his good...
4 a: the attraction based on sexual desire : the affection and tenderness felt by lovers b: a god or personification of love  c: an amorous episode: LOVE AFFAIR d: the sexual embrace... etc.

the song above is quoted from some sesame street show i must have watched way back when i wasn't smart enough to understand. what the words really say is "the moon in june turns you into a big baboon, and it's laughable because you have no control over it and you look and act like a primate, getting all worked up over the way someone looks, acts and smells. you get dizzy with ideas that don't even make sense to you because your i.q. has taken a drop; you get butterflies in your stomach and your knees get weak and you can't even speak properly and it's just plain sickening- and you wonder why any little thing sets it off. you do things to get the other person naked that any sane person would be ashamed of, and once you've accomplished the goal the whole ugly thing wears off like the flu and you wake up some morning with the love hangover, and things aren't glossed over anymore. in fact, you can see that this lemon's about to crash, and maybe you care or you don't, either way,  none of us were allowed to drive when we were only five years old- and some people should just never drive no matter how old they are. the reason is, a car is a fuel-powered lump of steel and glass (and a bit of apholstery to make us "feel" comfortable and safe) and when it gets up to high speeds and the person driving either can't see over the dashboard or understand the rules of the road or press the brakes or anything of this sort,  the person is bound to get into a nasty accident.
now sure, pretty much every art form is inspired by love, or what we imagined love to be or was. i suppose it only enhances the feelings of those in it, while it irritates those out of it. and seeing as love art is pretty popular, there must be a lot of people in love. or a lot of people that think they are in love. but what they really are, are lunactics addicted to recreation and intoxicated by hormones."
the hardest thing about love? looking in the mirror and loving *that* person.