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3. tale of a fox
A fox is born into a small litter and grows up chasing mice, nipping and yapping at the other pup and mother. Gradually, the pup explores further and further from her burrow and realizes that she lives within the confines of a zoo yard. This isn't so terrible because the family is well-fed, and played with by what she came to know as upright short, there is no danger and life is relatively easy for the young fox. At night the young fox looks at the moon like all the other animals and feels a restlessness, and has an incredible urge to run as fast as she can. She runs the laps of the zoo yard, like times before, only this time she runs until she drops, panting, but she is still unsatified. During the day she sleeps in the shade of some tree, dreaming. Running through a forest thicker than her zoo yard has, greener than her zoo yard, more alive then her yard...and the longer she runs the more the forest seems to go on..she runs past thick trunks covered with moss, past fallen limbs other animals have made their homes in, barely jumping over a brook colder than cement in the morning. She wakes with a start her ears pricked, hair on end, nostrils flared.