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Laura's Quilt Page

Laura Franchini considers herself a high school teacher gone AWOL, and a happy housewife. When she accidentally stumbled into quilting in 1986, she found it opened up a whole new world of friendship, fun, creativity and obsessive behaviors. Buying beautiful fabric became a sport, and the creative thrill or quiltmaking became one of her major reasons for getting up in the morning.

Early on, Laura realized that showing her quilts to people was one of her favorite parts of quiltmaking, as her use of hundreds of different fabrics in her quilts makes them unusually interesting to the viewer. Her quilts have won blue ribbons at local, state and national quilt shows, and have been published many different times in magazines and books. She has lectured at many different quilt guilds and women's groups across Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa. She has taught lectures and workshops about he quiltmaking for over 10 years, sharing stories about quilt history, quilt humor, as well as techniques for making memorable quilts.

When you are working to set up entertainment for the spouses at your next convention, please consider having Laura bring her wonderful quilt collection and her sense of humor to keep you in stiches!


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