Friends Links
Mattberg's Personal Homepage Matt Aerni's Homepage
Puschi-Wan's Oriental House of Dinners Matt Partusch's Homepage
The Corner Connection Brian Corner's Homepage
The Demuth Family Dan and Jennifer Demuth's Homepage
The Drunk Yak Dan Fuhr's Homepage
The Waymire House of Treats Homepage of Rusty, Dani, and Sammy Waymire
Whitney's Web Page Whitney Scherer's Homepage

Cool Links
Dynamic Drive DHTML Library Home of free DHTML scripts and components
Husker Athletics Official Site of Nebraska Athletics
Reflections Internet-based laser puzzle game
Shithook The best live karaoke band in the U.S.!
Triangle Fraternity Nebraska Chapter of Triangle Fraternity
Tucson and Phoenix Concerts Current listing of major Tucson and Phoenix concerts
Tucson Movie Times Movie and theatre listings for all Tucson theatres