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Season News

The 1999 season in Nebraska wasn't to bad but the warm weather was not ideal conditions. On more than one occasion Jaxx and I had to end our hunt early. With it getting so warm early in the morning. Jaxx and I seemed to slow down about noon. With it being so warm the scent was not as prevalent as it would be in the cold damp environment.

Tip: keep in mind that dogs require more water than a humans. Although you may not need a drink, your dog may require one. Imagine if you had to run down amoung the weeds where the wind don't seem to be blowing. I carry a canteen on my belt and a camel pack, they seem to work fine an not get in the way.

The 2000 season was great for Jaxx and I. It started out a little warm early in the season but quickly cooled down into some perfect hunting weather. Jaxx and I hunted mostly in the Iowa area this season. We limited several times by noon. the snow storms made it hard to walk some areas, especially in Iowa they seemed to have gotten more snow. This season when it was cold and icy Jaxx seem to have problems with the area around his claws. they were worn raw. This was in an area of heavy cover.

Tip: Don't forget to check you dogs paws for any clumping of snow and ice. Booties can help I hear but I have yet to try them. I don't think Jaxx would keep them on. Write back and let me know if you had any luck with them. Use the guest book for remarks.

The 2001 Opening day in Iowa wasn't to productive. There was three of us we only ended the day with one bird. The experts say there is a low count this year. We had a couple of opportunities but we were a little rusty. Let me say this, it was one beautiful day. Myself and Jaxx went out one evening in Nebraska later in the week we saw one and harvested one. We went a couple of more times in Nebraska and did quite well. Limited one time and a couple of birds on other trips. Jaxx's was right on. Note Jaxx is working on a hurt back knee. I hope he makes it I think we may be leaning toward surgery. This season is coming to an end and it hasn't been all that bad as perdicted. Jaxx and I went about 5 times in Nebraska and everytime got at least one bird limiting once. Jaxx is not 100% he has had a few injuries this year and some routine maintenance that limited our trips to the field.

TIP: We are trying some asprin before the hunt and one after. I am trying to hunt even ground lighter cover. It seems to work but it's hard to keep him from diving in the thick cover. I don't hunt all day at the moment.

NOTE: Jaxx has gotten sick everytime I gave him asprin before the hunt keep an eye on your dog. I don't recommend it! after the hunt is alright.

The 2002 season started bad! farmers couldn't cut the corn around the areas we hunted because of wet weather. After the corn was cut, hunting turned out to be really great. Jaxx has been doing great since his surgery on his knee this past summer. He is almost back to his old form. Jaxx started pointing last year and has continued on every bird this year. I have not train him on this it is all natural.

This 2003 season I started in Iowa. It started one week earlier than Nebraska's season. Jaxx and I limited it was a good day. Jaxx is still coming up limping after about 3 hours of hunting. The first 5 outings I limited. This was between Nebraska and Iowa. I have to give credit to the CRP land owners that provide the land and habitat for the birds. Although there are land owners out there that are getting their land into the CRP program but continue to mow the grass and eliminate any bird habitation which doesn't make much sence to me. There is a lot more birds this year. I believe I will be looking for another Lab because Jaxx just can shake the knee problems. He will just have to become spoiled at home.

The 2004 season Started great my hunting buddy and I limited with 6 birds with in 20 minutes in Nebraska, but this came with a price Jaxx blew out his other knee. I put him under the knife once again to repair his knee. Hopefully I will get one more season out of him, if not his retirement years will be better. Also I am hoping he will be able to help train my next puppy because if my next puppy turns out half as good as Jaxx I will have a good dog.