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Congratulations to Eric Crouch
2001 Heisman Trophy Winner!!

In the spirit of Christmas...
And...with due honor to the Husker News Press pass.. I pass this Christmas letter to santa along:

A Husker Fan's Letter To Santa Revealed
Husker Press Box
December 09, 2001
Back on the day after Thanksgiving, the Nebraska
Cornhuskers were about as low
as you could get.
They had just seen their dreamed dashed by a 62-36
thumping by the Colorado
Buffaloes. They quickly fell from the number one team
in the BCS to fourth. There
seemed little hope of a complete recovery in just over two weeks.
But there's always hope. Whenever things look bleak,
kids turn to Santa Claus.
He'll help, right? After all....doesn't the Big Guy
wear red? It must be working if
look at what's happened so far.

Dear Santa:

We have been a very good team all year.I know we had a bad day but we were hoping you would still keep us on your "nice" list even though it seems some of your elves won't. Here's what we want for Christmas. We know it's a lot, but we really need all of it. Please have Oklahoma lose to Oklahoma State and Michigan lose to Ohio State. I know both Oklahoma and Michigan are playing at home and they are facing unranked teams. Then please have Colorado beat Texas in the Big XII Championship, even though Texas pounded the Buffaloes earlier in the season. Could you have Tennessee beat Florida in their finale. The game is being played in "the Swamp" and Tennessee doesn't usually win these games. If you could add in losses by Utah, and Utah State to keep Oregon's strength of schedule down and wins by Missouri and Notre Dame to help our SOS. Then we could use a BYU loss to Hawaii, just to get them off everyone's back. They've been doing a lot of whining lately. When the SEC Championship comes along, could you see to it that LSU upsets Tennessee. Plus it would be nice if you could throw in a Heisman Trophy for Eric. Finally, would you please tell everyone else how nice we've been and how we deserve a Rose Bowl. There are some people who are trying to keep it from us and that's not nice. Well, that's it Santa. I know it's a lot but remember, even your team is led by a reindeer with a red nose.

Yes Virginia...there IS a Santa Claus

This is what its all about....

Are you ready for the walk........


This is the place..Memorial Stadium..on game day..the third largest city in Nebraska.

This is the man.....Head Coach Frank Solich
He will lead us once again to the promise land.
1999 Big XII Coach of the Year!!!

Thanks Dr.Tom.


Aug. 4th
Sept. 1....Troy 4th
Sept. 8....Notre 4th Sept. 4th
Sept. 4th
Oct. 6....Iowa 4th
Oct. 3rd
Oct. 20...Texas 3rd
Oct. 2nd
Nov. 2nd
Nov. 10...Kansas 2nd
Nov. 23 Colorado....36-62....loss
Nebraska is ranked 2nd in the BCS Poll!!

A very sad game for the Huskers. They just were not ready to play. I don't know if they were overlooking Colorado. 62 points were the most EVER given up in Nebraskas history. The defense basically could not stop 2 off tackle to the left..and an end around to the right. Looks like a second Tier bowl and sadly the Heisman will slip through Eric Crouch's fingers. Now we wait to see what bowl we are invited to.Well....looks like that was all wrong....can you smell roses? Its the Rose Bowl for the Huskers!!

2000 Alamo Bowl

What can i say about this years bowl game. The Huskers were mad they didn't get a major BCS bowl bid. So..Northwestern walked into a hornets nest.After spotting them an early lead..that was all she wrote. Dan Alexander has a carreer game gaining 248 yards. Final score...Nebraska 66 Noethwestern 17. Several records were broken today.Another top 10 finish for the Huskers.


The pass is up...and caught by Davison...TOUCHDOWN HUSKERS!!!!


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