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Winning Internet Auctions

The Secret

Have you ever been outbid in those online auctions? Of course you have. You sat at the computer babysitting your bid and even thinking that you have won! Only to find out that your were outbid by three cents in the last few seconds of the auction!

Maybe the next time you put in a bid by proxy. You bid all the way up to how much you wanted to pay. All the while thinking they can't outbid me this time. Only to lose again!

Next time you try to bid at the last second. Only to find out that the load in the auction was so bad it wouldn't take your bid fast enough. And what happened? The auction closed before your bid was taken. You lose again!

Now, you wait until near the end of the auction and put in a proxy bid that is way up there so you can cover the three cents. What happened? You actually won the auction. But you ended up paying way more than you wanted to pay. And it is no longer a bargain, because you could have gone to a store and bought the same thing for the same price or even lower. In essence, you've lost again!

Believe me, I have been there and done it all. Not only once, but over and over again!

Frustrating? You bet it is! Like I said, I have done all of these things. But, unlike others, I wouldn't be daunted. I kept trying and trying......over and over and over......losing and losing and losing. Until one day, an idea struck me like a lightening bolt! I couldn't hardly stand it. I even had shaky hands. But, it worked!!

Then I went to work perfecting this Secret. I have fine tuned it, until, to me it is a science. Now, I hardly ever lose. Now, I am the winner in almost every auction I enter and usually at a price that I wanted or lower.

Why do I win?
Because I have
The Secret To Winning at Internet Auctions!!

Yes, I am talking about auctions like Ebay, Yahoo and Auction Universe.
(These are Trademark auctions and are only noted here as examples of online, live, "real time" auctions.)

How much would this information be worth to you?
$100? $200?
Maybe even $300!

The worth of this Secret can be invaluable!
"Just that one time, a one of a kind item appears
---gone forever, because you couldn't make the
auction work for you!"

But it is not going to cost you $300!
(Though it cost me dearly out my own pocket to learn!)

And we didn't put together a lot of flashy pages.

We produced this information in an easy to read, understandable format
so that anyone can put the Secret to work!

So if it's not $300, how much is it?
$200? NO!
$100? NO!

The Secret To Winning Internet Auctions
is yours for only $29.95!!

Why, by winning one, two or three auctions the Secret is paid for!
Then, every dollar you save at the auction is money in your pocket!
Each an every auction saves you money and that is money in your pocket!

The thrill of winning at a bargain price just can't be beat!


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the expiration date (four digits),
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Send Check, Money Order or Credit Card Information
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(Please add $3 for shipping and handling)
(Nebraska Residents only must add 4.5% sales tax)
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And Remember,

Internet Auction Winners
Are Not by Chance!

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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The Secret To Winning At Internet Auctions
is a copyright ©1999 of TL & B Enterprises
It is intended as one method to use for bidding on online, live, "Real Time" Internet Auctions.
TL & B Enterprises and/or the author of The Secret To Winning At Internet Auctions
cannot held responsible for any misuse, abuse or illegal activity
using this methodology. Nor do we promise that you will win the auctions.
The application of this bidding method should enhance ones chances if properly applied.
We also assume no obligation, written or implied, for losses from the use of this methodology of bidding.