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Entranced is an atmospheric progressive metal band with a strong doom/gothic feel who's influences range from all types of Metal, Ethereal Doom, Hardcore, Jazz and Progressive music. Entranced has a fused sound that is always changing, ranging from harmonious enlightening passages to aggressive chaotic ambience. The band has maintained a very constant heavy epic sound throughout it's existence. .

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News 2/1/04- Entranced is currently under reconstruction. There are roughly 80 minutes of new of new scratch tracks Ive been recording on my 8 track for the new album. These tracks are somewhat simallar to some of the material that will be on the album, minus the production and live drummer. Im going to post some of these tracks up to be downloaded for free along with the 97 demo and 98 metalfest promo that will be able to be downloaded for free as well. If you like what you hear feel free to burn copies and pass them out. The goal is to get as many bootlegs of the material out as as possible before my other group, Indrid Cold goes on tour in September.