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What's new in the world of Emotion 8

Album News

release date: Fall Of 98

The actual release date is unknown as of now. Emotion 8 will be
heading into the studio in late August/early September.

title: On Cherry Tree Lane

This is the planned title unless some unforeseen event should change things

songs: Album Songs Include

Red Royale,
Doomed From The Start,
On Cherry Tree Lane,
Lazy Boy,
Cantina Girl

performers: Appearing On The Album

Wes, Josh, Chris, & the unnamed few

produced by: Emotion 8

Well, actually it will be produced by Wes, who is the head producer at Sidereal Realm

notes: Writing Resumes

We've been writing like crazy these past few weeks. Now we have to sift through all the material to find the best songs to put on the album.

Other News

Page Update: 7/05/98

The News was reformatted and several other little things have been changed

Signed: E8 / Sidereal Realm

Emotion 8 was added to the artist roster at Sidereal Realm the second week of June

New Lineup: Bassist Added

Chris Huerta was added to Emotion 8 to play bass and Wes has moved over to drums

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