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Josh Dube

Gimme a Call, eh!

What's up? I'm pretty much the only one who has survived the band. Bring the rock! I'm back to my original duties of guitars/vocals. I enjoyed my year long stint behind the drums, but we all change and grow. Some of us want to rock and some of us don't. This is where I ended up.

Previous/Other Bands: The Winks, The Hadj Factors, Mint Bon Bon, and 323
What's In My CD Player?:
Flu Thirteen - "In The Foul Key Of V" /
The Juliana Theory - "Emotion Is Dead" /
Marvelous 3 - "ReadySexGo" /
The Get Up Kids - "Something To Write Home About" /
Diffuser - "Injury Loves Melody" /
Face to Face - "Ignorance is Bliss" /
Jimmy Eat World - "Clarity" /
Motley Crue - "Dr. Feelgood" /
For Love Not Lisa - "The Lost Elephant" /
Limbeck - "This Chapter Is Called Titles"
Sorry...I have a 10 disc player
Best Show Ever Attended: Motley Crue - Greatest Hits Tour...Thanks Kara!


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