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Rick Springfield's Bio

Rick Springfield was born Richard Lewis Springthorpe on August 23, 1949 to a father who was a colonel in the Australian Army. He spent most of his childhood in Melbourne, Australia and his teen years in England.

Returning to Australia, he dropped out of high school to pursue a career in music forming his first band, "The Rock House", which didn't last long. Then he joined the popular Australian teen band called "Zoot" and progressed on to be a solo singer.

Rick had a top hit in Australia with "Speak to the Sky" in 1971 which attracted the attention of record companies in America. He finally made the difficult decision to leave his ailing father and went to try his luck in Hollywood.

Under the new name of Rick Springfield, he produced his first US album called "Beginnings" with the help of Steve Binder and Robie Porter. It made the top twenty chart but quickly dropped off the chart as he was promoted as a teen sensation alongside David Cassidy and Donny Osmond.

Rick's second album was "Comic Book Heroes" with Columbia Records but it was never taken seriously. In 1974, he starred in and created the music for an animated series called "Mission Magic". Eventually, Rick struck out on his own, taking acting classes to support his music career. In 1976, he recorded the album "Wait for Night" but unfortunately, the Chelsea label it was recorded on folded soon after the release.

In 1980 he recorded "Working Class Dog" on a shoestring budget. It was then that he met Barbara Porter who was working as a receptionist at the time. She later became his wife. Rick auditioned for the the soap opera, "General Hospital" and got the part of Dr Noah Drake in early 1981 and shortly after, RCA released his album. From then on, things started to look up for him but within a few months of fulfilling his dreams, his father passed away.

Rick's next album was "Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet" which was recorded during his hours off working on "General Hospital" and on days off, he toured. His talent as a rocker shone through. In 1982, Rick was awarded a Grammy Award for Best Male Vocal.

By 1983 he was ready to be released from his contract at "General Hospital" to concentrate on his music. "Living in Oz" heralded a new Rick with a tougher, harder look reflected in his songs. The album went multi platinum with three hits in the top twenty.

Rick took on acting and starred in "Hard to Hold" but it brought his movie career to a halt, thus he returned to focus on his music. In 1984, Rick and Barbara Porter got married in Australia. Rick released his album "Tao" shortly after and toured with the album in 1985. His first son, Liam, was born in October after the tour ended.

"Rock of Life" was released in 1988 which tells of the difficulty of marriage, parenthood and the search for a reason to life. Rick suffered injuries during a motorcycle accident and the promotional tour for the album was cancelled. He was out of the limelight during his recovery and it was during this time that his second son, Joshua, was born in March of 1989.

Rick made a comeback in 1993 and started writing a new album. In 1994, he was offered a role in "High Tide", shot in New Zealand and then San Diego and Santa Barbara. It lasted for three seasons. "Sahara Snow" was released in July 1997, a collaboration between Bob Marlette, Tim Pierce and Rick. In 1998, Rick began to tour, promoting his new album, "Karma" which was released in April 1999. The success was beyond expectations.

In December 2000, he announced that he was taking up the lead role in EFX which opened on January 30, 2001 following the departure of Tommy Tune. On the same day "Alive" hit the stores. He plans to tour on his off weeks from doing EFX Alive.

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