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The MGM Grand's EFX Show


EFX collage

March 14, 2002 : Packy, Rick's assistant, has had her surgery and is back at work and doing well. Thank you for your prayers and best wishes, and please continue to hold her in your thoughts.

Starting in March, the EFX show schedule is changing again. There will be only one show a night every night except Saturday. Persons who have already purchased late show tickets for Tuesdays or Fridays should contact the MGM for early show tickets or a refund.

Packy, Rick Springfield's personal assistant, is having surgery on an injured knee on Wed. March 6th. We send her our prayers and good wishes, and we encourage everyone who reads this to do the same.

On Thursday, February 21st, 2002, EFX celebrated the 3000th performance of its illustrious run. The show itself wasn't really changed to mark the anniversary; but, at the end, Sal presented Rick with a beautiful new acoustic guitar from the cast and crew. After the show was over, Rick did a limited attendance concert at Studio 54 for cast, crew, fans, and friends. It was a wonderful experience. Much different from EFX! Sal did the preshow at the concert, as well. He opened with a parody of the three former headliners of the show. Then he introduced Rick.

Rick Springfield has signed for another year of EFX! Our sources tell us that Rick has officially signed a contract extension for another full year. As far as we know the show will remain the same. They are now doing only 7 shows a week--two on Tuesday and Saturday nights, and one 7:30 show on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. HOWEVER there will be a special extra show both on Sunday the 30th of December and on Monday the 31st of December. Both of those shows are at 9:00 pm.

Rick Springfield was injured on July 31st in a 15 foot fall to the steel stage during a stunt in the HG Wells portion of the show. He was coming down on the folding beam which is supposed to deposit him on the stage. Unfortunately, there was a problem, and he was deposited rather more abruptly than required. He suffered a fracture of his left arm just below the elbow and a sprained wrist. He completed the segment before leaving the show.

He was replaced by current understudy, Sal Salangsang. Sal performed in the show on August 1st-4th. There was a dark week already scheduled from August 5th-13th. The cast has been removed from Rick's arm--according to one source--and it appears that his desire is to return to the show as soon as possible. At the moment it is not clear whether that will be immediately after the dark week, which is what he wants. It is more likely to be on the 21st, just in time for his birthday party on August 23rd.

According to a couple of recent articles in Las Vegas newspapers: "Following the show Springfield will be presented with a cake, the audience will receive champagne for a birthday toast." I didn't say it--the newspapers did. Whether there is a party planned by the MGM or not, there certainly is one planned by his fans who have already purchased most of the tickets to that show. It is going to be a wild night--needing only the presence of the star to make it happen.

Best of luck, Rick. Our wishes and the wishes of all of your friends and fans are with you.

Paul May, understudy to the last three headliners at EFX, has given his resignation notice at EFX. He will start at the Folies Bergere at the Tropicana on June 1st. He will be the lead MC/ Singer there, performing nightly.

The new headliner for the show is Rick Springfield, who brings a lot of energy and excitement to a very much updated show. He has written a new intro song, which takes the place of the old introduction with the Masters, who are no longer a part of the show.

Rick is now the "big talking head,"--the EFX Master--and he makes his entrance on the flying disk. The story backline is also changed to fit Rick and his style. Other changes include the departure of Andy Pellick and the Flying Kaganovich. The Sphere, an arial acrobatic act featuring several of the dancers from the show, is a wonderful addition. Rick has also written a beautiful new ballad for the Houdini segment.

Paul May remains the understudy for the lead, and Sal Salangsang's part has been expanded. As the old saying goes: "See it again for the first time." It's well worth the time and the money.

March 9th, 2001

The last time I had new news for you it was great news. Tommy had re-signed for another 6 months and had a new contract till July 15, 2000.

But unfortunately this time the news isn't so great. Stewart Daylida will be leaving EFX and joining David Cassidy at his new show at the Rio.

It is hard to believe that Stewart is leaving and he will no longer be the forever-wonderful Master of Laughter. Stewart is the only master who has been with EFX from its very beginnings with Michael Crawford and even if he does leave the show he has permanently left his mark on the show. And he will be remembered through the whole shows running! Be sure to look for him in David Cassidy's new show where I am sure he will continue to bring smiles and happiness to everyone!

We love you Stewart and will miss you greatly!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK STEWART!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 1st, 1999

What can I say? Something VERY big is happening to the show as we speak! This will definitely be important information to a lot of you! So are you ready for it? I hope so!

Tommy Tune will be re-signing for another 6 months with EFX. It is official. Which means we can expect to see Tommy's smiling face brightening up the stage for a while longer now.

Along those lines I just came from Vegas and of course I was down there to see the show. Well if you think you have seen Tommy Tune's show you are wrong! I was very surprised at the ending to the show. It is different! And definitely worth going to check out! So if you have the time go see the way the show has changed!

Ron the photographer for the show had a birthday recently. So happy birthday Ron!


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