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The MGM Grand's EFX Show


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EFX program

      David Cassidy was the second star to come to EFX. He took over for Michael Crawford in November 1996. He stayed with the show for 2 years leaving Dec. 31, 1998.
During that time he mesmerized audiences and proved he is still the actor he used to be! Many people were sorry to see him leave but for his own health he needed to. For if there is one thing that EFX is it is very physically demanding and after a while it catches up with you. EFX 1
      When David took over the show he completely rewrote the show including some of the music. David helped rewrite the music to "Intergalactic Circus of Wonders" and David's wife Sue Shifrin wrote "Love is a River in Time". David also filled the show chock full of comedy. Which was a big change from Michael Crawford's version, which was a more serious and darker show. David's was a great show that many people loved very much. EFX 1
      Because the shows were completely different it is almost impossible to compare the two. Some people will but I myself believe that they are not the same show and because of that it is not right to compare them.

old EFX program

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