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The MGM Grand's EFX Show


"Please welcome to the stage Mr. Andy Pellick ladies and gentlemen."

Paul May

"Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap"

Andy Pellick's shoes

Andy 12

Andy Pellick is another one of the dancers in EFX, but what really sets him apart is an amazing solo dance during the King Arthur act.
Andy 6 The things he does and the moves he performs hurt just watching! It is just stunning what he is able to accomplish! He is VERY flexible and really shows it on stage!
Andy 2 Andy 7 Andy 4
This dance is a wonderful way to show how dancing has changed over the years. Even a few years ago people wouldn't do the things he does. He does flips all over the stage. Not to mention stretching his body in ways most people could never think about bending! Andy 10
Andy 1 Andy is also Tommy Tune's dance understudy. So when Paul May sings for Tommy, Andy is busy dancing away. But you're in good hands, folks; because Andy is a very good dancer, even though he's only 19 years old.
Also Andy was titled "Mr. Dance America", and he handles the dancing required in the show with ease.
Andy 8 Andy 5

Andy 11

Andy 13


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