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Tree Of Life Ministries Association & The Association of Completed Jews



become part of the love

Become a part of the Love at Tree of Life Ministries Association and The Association of Completed Jews.

An Evangelistic outreach of a Completed Jew. Extending the LOVING arms of a LOVING YHVH (GOD), rather than the accusing finger of religion. Helping to establish a relationship of open communication between YHVH and man, similar to what existed in the Garden of Eden, before the introduction of sin into the world.

Sin is the state the world entered into after the fall in the Garden of Eden. Man could not enter back into that relationship with YHVH, an angel with flaming sword turned anyone trying to eat from the Tree of Life away. Sin broke YHVH's heart, so to speak and caused HIM to destroy the world with a flood. Access to the Tree of Life was removed from the Earth. After that, rather than turn HIS back on HIS ruined creation, YHVH initiated a plan that culminated in the birth of The CHRIST, y'shua (JESUS) who will one day return as The MESSIAH to save all of YHVH's children. Y'SHUA came to redeem us from a life of sin in a fallen world. The restoration of that relationship with YHVH is no longer found by keeping all of YHVH's commandments. But is freely available to all those who confess The CHRIST as the sinless one who was crucified and shed his blood to satisfy YHVH's requirement for the remission of sin.

IF YOU DIED TONIGHT, WOULD YHVH LET YOU INTO HEAVEN? WILL YOU AVOID HELL BY LIVING A GOOD LIFE? Let's see if you have "sinned": Have you ever lied, even a "white" lie, or stolen? The value is irrelevant! Then you are a lying thief. If you have lusted, Y'SHUA said you have committed adultery in your heart. If you have hated someone, The Scriptures say you are a murderer. If you have broken any of the Ten Commandments, you are in big trouble. On Judgment Day (Yom Kippur) you will be found guilty and end up in Hell. But Y'SHUA took your punishment, then defeated death by rising from the dead.

SMILE!!!!!!!!!-------YHVH LOVES YOU!-------NO MATTER WHAT, HE LOVES YOU!!!!! YHVH is now here, so repent today. Trust the WORD of Y'SHUA, receive the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT and be a part of YHVH's plan for redemption, and you will receive the gift of everlasting life. You are invited visit to our primary website and explore further.

At our primary website you will find:

  1. Forums where you can post questions or announcements or Prayer request or advertise your church or website. Here you will also find the ONLY online version of The Power New Testament.
  2. A Jewish Interest page referred to as "Jewish Interest" where you will find information on Jewish HOLY Days, Holidays and others items of interest concerning Judaism.
  3. There is also a page with information concerning The Association of Completed Jews as well as one where you can Join ACJ This is where you can join The Association of Completed Jews.
  4. For those of whom YHVH has gifted to become a part of HIS fulltime ministry there is also a place Ordination where you may be able to become ordained
  5. You ARE invited to Join the Association. So is your church, business or organization if you can agree with Paul when in 1 Corinthians 2:2 (KJV) he said, "For I determined not to know any thing among you, save The CHRIST, and HIM crucified".

    We are NOT a denomination but rather an "Association" coming together to "NETWORK" the talents that YHVH has distributed among us for HIS glory. We all use what we have in an attempt to meet the needs of each other from what we have or whom YHVH has somehow connected us with. We are coming together in unity without regard of our differences.

    Contact me at: Rev22.1-3@hotmail.com to inquire about our "Ordination" program. Are you licensed and seeking ordination with an association where you will maintain your autonomy? Are you called to the ministry and seeking to become licensed and then ordained? We will tailor a program to help you fulfill the call on your life! "Become a part of the love!

    Doctrinal beliefs must be sound and well founded but MAY be from any scriptural approach.

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