Invitation to a

This is an invitation to consider joining with other parishioners in starting a Small Faith Community (SFC) within MOQ Parish. It is an active response to this special Year of Faith.

An SFC is basically a lay-led group designed to form and help the growth of “intentional disciples” – those who choose to follow Christ and have a closer relationship with Him, committed to growing in that relationship with the support of others who have the same goal. It is definitely a Christ-centered group of lay believers, each being intent upon strengthening the bonds of real community in the Church, encouraging fidelity to the Magisterium, sharing their spiritual journey, and seeking ways to bring Christ into our daily environments.

What does a Small Faith Community “look like”?

It would have from eight to ten people.
Each “programmed” Session is 90 minutes, and SFC’s meet in 6-Session blocks, weekly or monthly. Then a “break” is taken before the next block of 6-Sessions. Many registration choices: Evening, Afternoon, or Morning. The meetings normally take place in homes, because church space is very limited.
You choose your own weekday and time. For example, an SFC that meets in the evening might decide to do something like this:

  1. Time: Begin 7:00pm (normally in a home); Adjourn 8:30pm.
  2. Format: The Format is always consistent and programmed: opening prayer; exploring a topic; scripture reading and question; continued topic exploration using pre-approved resource; sharing faith; discussion of ways to bring our faith into our daily lives; closing prayer.
  3. Social: If the SFC chooses to add a potluck or dessert (most do), it must be before or after the 90-minute session.
  4. Cost: pre-approved discussion resource will be about $15.

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For "Still More" info about the SFC's at MOQ,

Call Deacon Paul at 402-289-3862
or e-mail him: deaconpaul@cox.net

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