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Basketball Cards for Sale or Trade

Hello, Welcome to my Basketball Cardz Site! I have many cards for sale or trade. The Wantlist is at the bottom. If you want a certain card of somebody, please click the little mailbox at the bottom of each page. Please note, prices listed are not my sale price, it is BV. I listed some sale prices, but some are up for any offers. I am taking offers on most cards. Please email me at if your interested in anything and if you want you can put me on your buddy list. I would appreciate it if you sign my guestbook at the bottom of the page. Thanks a lot for looking!


 Grant Hill
 Penny Hardaway
 Kobe Bryant
 Tim Duncan
 Michael Jordan
 Antoine Walker
 Allen Iverson
 Stephon Marbury
  Vince Carter
  Jason Williams
  Mike Bibby
  Paul Pierce


98-99 Rookie Cards
96-97 Rookie Cards

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