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Our Awards Page

Recieved July 12th 1999
My First Award, thank you Shewolf.

Our 2nd Award, thank you Wildmusk.
This is such an honor to post these awards.

Recieved August 1st 1999
Thank you Shewolf for the Award of Excellence.
You've done a beautiful; job on your site! I've just spent over an hour exploring! It would be a honor to have my award displayed on your site. Tried to sign your guestbook, but the book's server was down. Will try again later. Catherine

Recieved August 1st 1999
Thank you Scott, it is an Honor to post your Award.
Hi AJ Just been into your site Well done. I would be proud for my Award to appear on your page I have bookmarked your site for future visits Please keep in touch Scotty

Recieved August 1st 1999
Thank you Sgt. Fats for the special award, and will get that pic of A.J. very soon :)
AJ and Mary, I have visited both your sites and have been impressed with the work you have done and continue to do on them. I have bookmarked them both and will revisit in the future. AJ, I read what you said in my guest book. I must tell you that you should confide in the one who cares about you the most. Mary I must tell you, make AJ put a current picture on your site! I also wonder if you both would do me the honor of placing the attached award on each of your awards pages. It is a one-of-a-kind I designed for you both. If you wish you can link it back to my site at, you don't have to , it is a gift . Be Well, John (Fats) Spizzirri SGT. FATS' LINKS

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