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Tenchi lives with a whole load of women! This is the dream of many men, and with women like Ayeka and Mihoshi what more could you ask for??
But, to continue the Jurai lineage on earth, the young Masaki must take a bride. Unfortunatly, the lovely ladies are at war when it comes to Tenchi's hand. But, thanks to technology and the Internet, you can choose your favorite.
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A very tidy and mannered girl, Ayeka is the princess of Jurai. Originally, she came to Earth to look for her destined husband. But a terrible crash of her space ship left her stuck with her worst enemy, Ryoko, and her biggest crush, Tenchi!
Ayeka can ofer much to Tenchi, due to her training on Jurai for marriage. This training covered every aspect of married life, and I mean EVERY!

Ahhhhhh, Ryoko.... Originally created by Washu, Ryoko served well against the Jurai Planet. After an attempt to steal the source of the Jurians power, Tsunami, Ryoko was sealed in the Masaki shrine and held there untill Tenchi freed her.
Ryoko swears she will never settle down and be a house wife, but the feelings she shows for Tenchi seem to tell otherwise. Constatnly battling for the upper hand with Ayeka, Ryoko will to anything to catch Tenchi's eyes.

Sasami is the youngest of the many who seek the love of Tenchi. She was unfortunate enough to crash on Earth with her sister Ayeka.
Sasami realize that her age is the determining factor that holds her back in the race for Tenchi's love, but she know when she is older, she we try her hardest to attract Tenchi. Even though Sasami isn't aware of all the factors of marriage, she has the cooking department down pat!

Mihoshi is a very atrractive, bronze skinned lass. Originally sent to hunt down Ryoko, Mihoshi and her partner Kiyone came from the Galaxy Police. And through time and tribulation, she stayed with Tenchi.
Mihoshi is very slow at everything she does. Her hair is constatnly tied in a pony tail due to her forgetfullness. The only thing she could offer Tenchi, outside of marriage, is brownie points with the Galaxy Police, due to the fact most of her family is of high rank there.

Kiyone is an atrractive female who seeks high ranks in the Galaxy Police. Although held down by Mihoshi's blunders, Kiyone does well with coping with the pain of working with an idiot, as many in the world do.
She seems to show little attraction to Tenchi, although is always willing to get him out of a jam at any cost. Kiyone hides well her feelings for Tenchi, if any!

So who shall it be???

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