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Do You Like Old Time Radio Shows?

Interested in trading episodes?

  • The Shadow
  • Lux Radio Theater
  • Fibber McGee & Molly
  • Mel Blanc
  • and many others--Foreign and Domestic...

    If so, drop a note on the DejaNews link below, or send me e-mail!
    I have an increasingly large collection of various shows archived in mp3 format.
    These shows are complete, some with commercials from various localities. They were downloaded from websites and discussion groups on the internet.
    What is mp3?
  • Short for MPEG Layer 3, a type of audio data compression that can reduce digital sound files by a 12:1 ratio with virtually no loss in quality. This format was developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (inventors of mpeg movie clips).
    How can you get these shows?
  • You must have a commercially available newsreader such as Forte Agent, or Forte Free Agent (a limited but functional free version of Agent) to download files from news/discussion groups. A good place to start is at:
    How can you listen to mp3 files?
  • WinAmp is an outstanding FREE player that can play back many different audio formats. It even has an on-screen equalizer for customizing your sound. It can even take on a new "skin" if you get tired of looking at the same amplifier on your screen. WinAmp can be downloaded at:
    OKAY--so you have everything in place. How do you send and receive files or shows?
  • Go to the newsgroup
    where you can post and retrieve what you like.
    ********Be sure to read the FAQs associated with any newsgroup BEFORE posting. Some posting rules may apply********
    I'll see you in the newsgroups!