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Welcome to A Dream Come True

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A Dream Come True

I came here to find romance
With someone I thought I knew
It was not long before I found
I had chosen someone who was not true.

I looked around everywhere
And saw nothing through my tears
Why was it I found that no one cared?
Would I always be alone, that was my fear.

I did not see anyone pass by
When at my feet I saw a rose
I looked up and saw no one there
I leaned down and picked it up then arose

I had to give it back
But I did not know to who
I had to find from where it came
Then I looked and saw your eyes of Blue

In your eyes I saw no dance
They seemed almost to have no life
Had you also come here to find romance?
Had you come for love and found the same as I?

I reached out to give you the rose
As you reached your hand touched my hand
I felt my heart swell and rise to my throat
The feeling I felt I could never have imagined

Then a smile came across your face
And suddenly stars shined from up above
We walked and talked and knew it must be fate
We both found what we wanted, our own true love.

And every day when I awake
And look into your eyes of blue
I'm glad with every breath I take
And thank you for a dream come true.
Written by: TexasTornado


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