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Links 'n Resources

All sound sizes listed in K

  • Poizenivy's Cranberries Midis
    All Cranberries, lotsa selections.

  • ::Depeche Mode: The Singles 86 - 98::
    Official Homepage

  • Depeche Mode

  • Depeche Mode - Midi

  • Devotion's Depeche Mode Page
    Lots of cool midis here! I found my fave Dangerous at this site. ^_^

  • Dreamsharer
    Gentle, soothing midi. Great for fantasy pages.

  • The World of KMFDM Official homepage

  • The Horror Kids Sound Archive
    Misfits! Rrraaah! Full-length wavs of some of the Misfits' kewlest songs!

  • The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Web Site

    MP3 Sites

  • All MP3

  • Audiofind
    A huge bank of thousands of mp3s arranged by all sorts of categories.

  • Gnutella Search
    Similar to Napster only without the software or lawsuits.

    Great place to find all kinds of amateur bands, zydeco to goth and beyond. Buy CDs if you like the full-song samples!

  • MP3 Download Warehouse

  • Napster
    A judge overruled the decision on the lawsuit; get yer Napster here!

    Movie and Television Sound Sites

  • The Sound of Music
    Technically this belongs with my movies as it's based on the film of the same name but I had to put it here. It's a *great* interactive site!

    Midi Sound Sites and Collections

  • Classical Midi Files

  • Gary's Room
    "Big 80's" Midi Archive (Lots of good ones here)

  • Individual Artist Midi
    A *huge* list of midis by artist

  • Laura's Midi Heaven
    Has loads of different kinds of music. I found some great Scottish ballads here.

  • The Midi Farm
    Huge resource center with free midis, boucoup links, search engines, software downloads and much more!

  • Nightstalker's Midi Page
    200 midis to browse through, but don't believe the flashing 'new' icon; the page hasn't been touched since late '97.

    Otaku Sounds
    Midis and wav clips from Japanese anime.

  • Speculative Vision's Sci-fi and Fantasy Music Conservatory

    Wav Sites

  • Friendly and Unfriendly Wavs
    Great wavs for IRC!

  • Jenni's Wav Surf of Sounds
    A variety of good chatroom-quality wavs.

  • Joe's Original Wav Files
    Joe makes his own nifty sound effects. Great for desktop.

  • Carrigon's Halloween Midi Jukebox
    It's worth the wait if you want good spooky midis.

  • Jukebox Central
    Note: This page has a pop-off window that -is- the jukebox. If you close it, you will have a blank browser window.


  • evillive's Misfits Lyrics Page

  • Queen - the Complete Words

  • Reishi's Realm
    Lyrics to many popular anime including Vampire Princess Miyu, Slayers, Kodomo no Omocha and more.

  • Saint Seiya Lyrics

  • Soul Asylum Lyrics