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News & Updates
5-25-00 2:48 PM

Alot of minor things I have added since the last update, But I figured they individualy wouldnt be worth a update. TeamShorty's is now selling TransWorld SKATEboarind Magaizines. You can buy them Here. Now we are offering A IRC Chatroom, And I fixed all the "FORM" Problems, like on the Send Your Pics, and the Broken Linkz. You can access TeamShortys through our new domain, . New banners were added to the Link To Me section, and I am planning to add skate pics of me in the About Me section. (Be Sure To Vote For us! [Right Column]


4-25-00 6:06 AM

I totally screwed up my tailbone skatin, So ill be around the house alot making updates. Today I fixed the menu problems on the left, and right side of this page. The Banners that is. Also, Now you can link to me. Scroll to the bottom and copy/paste the code at the bottom onto ur page. It would mean alot to me. I Totally fixed up all three of the links sections! They look MUCH better now, So check that out.. Still no Shorty Mail... I dont know when im gonna get it goin, or IF im gonna get it goin. Till Then, later.


4-22-00 3:10 PM

Problems with Shorty Mail. Shorty Mail will currently be down for awhile until I can fix it. Other updates is that I updated the decks section. I got all the newest Shorty's Decks in. And as soon as I can, ill be updating the Ghetto Child Wheals Section.


4-19-00 7:39 PM

FIANALLY Finished the damn pop-up thingy on every section of this page! it was put there by Angelfire, and for awhile I could not get it off. So you will be plzed by that. I 'em now one of three staff members of Broken Neck Productions (BNP) which iz Here. I will have pictures of me in the "About Me" Section as soon as possible, But I dont know how long that will be. More to come Later!

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