Yakirian Realms

Geography and Climate:

There are three distinct mountain ranges that form the realm of the Yakira. All three run from north to south and are, likewise, joined at their northern and southern edges. The eastern and western ranges bow outwards, forming extensive plains between themselves and the middle range of mountains. Not only are these some of the highest mountain ranges in Zakhara, but the world at large as well. Snow is common among the ranges, regardless of season. The low-lying plains, between the ranges, only receive snow for six months out of the year. There are two main rivers that flow down from each side of the main range of mountains and end somewhere amidst the outlying ranges to the east and west.

Society of the Yakira:

Yakirian society is dominated by a special sect of bulls, born with the ability to manipulate the minds of others. Amidst all Yakira, this sect of individuals is referred to as the Ministry of the Mind and they are responsible for the entirety of the government of the Yakira. The more advanced members of the Ministry can emulate a Mind Jar, in which the mind of the Yakira will transpose itself over the mind of the intended victim. As the two switch places, the victims mind becomes entrapped within the body/mind of the Yakira, but has no control over its complexities. Meanwhile, the Yakira will have total control over the victim’s body. These few bulls rule the Yakirian society with an iron fist.

A tribunal of the most powerful minds runs the Ministry of the Mind. Yet, it is not uncommon for one to come into this position after a current chair on the tribunal has met their death by foul play – a common occurrence throughout the entire Yakirian society. The Ministry of the Mind overseas every aspect of their society, wielding little control to anyone without the same powers of the mind. They receive full support from the Militia as well as the Conclave of Elders.

Bulls born without the mental abilities of the Ministry usually make up the blunt of the Yakirian Militia. At one point, rebellion was attempted in the distant past. Yet, the awesome mental prowess of the Ministry of the Mind proved overpowering against the brute force of the Militia. Now these bulls serve the Ministry faithfully, least they become forced into laborious tasks usually reserved to the common slaves of other races. Their duties are divided in half, one in guarding against foreign invasion or participating in foreign conquest and the second is overseeing the loyalty of the population within the borders of the Yakirian realms.

The Conclave of Elders is a very special sect within Yakirian society. These are the ones granted privilege and powers from the Faceless One. These men, and few women, reside within the capital city of the Yakira, Yiggrst. They do not have total control over their society like the Ministry of the Mind does; yet ever Yakira pays tribute to these select few whom their god has chosen. In times of need, the Ministry can bend the will of the Conclave to their ends, unless the matter is of utmost importance to the Yakirian society as a whole. In such instances, even the Ministry has learned to heed the wisdom of the Conclave. They are usually only called upon when matters of religious importance are required to be settled. The Ministry is well aware of this and, when religion will support their means, the do call upon the Conclave to receipt religious script to the populous in their favor.

The heifers of society wield little power at large, other than a few chosen by the Faceless one to serve on the Conclave of Elders. Any heifer that attempts to gain power is usually put in her place by the Militia. Should this attempt prove too much for the Militia, the Ministry will oversee the affair. However, a few have secretly risen in power, generally overseers of various criminal elements. A few rebel bands of Yakira are led by heifers as well, these are the fringe elements of Yakirian society.

One large band of heifers with power is the Order of the Golden Dusk, a group of heifers with limited mind abilities similar to the Ministry. Yet, this organization works undercover least they be discovered and put to death by the Ministry. While this is something similar to a criminal organization as per laws of the Yakira, they do seek justice and rights for heifers throughout their society – which requires that they work against the prevailing laws of the land. They oversee various operations that include rescuing and freeing heifers that are far over-abused within their society. This band isn’t large enough to lift all the oppression suffered by the Yakirian heifers, so they can only see to some of the worst cases they are made aware of.

Cities and States of the Yakira:

There is only one nation of Yakira, thus the only geographical division to their society is the distance between their city-states. The Yakira have seven large city-states, three within the tallest mountains of the middle range in the World Pillar Mountains and two large city-states to either side, on the plains between the ranges. Each city is ruled over by a member of the Ministry, who is supported by several units of the Militia. In turn, each city ruler reports to the tribunal, that also oversees Yiggrst.

Yiggrst is the heart of the Yakirian realms and, likewise, is physically located at the center of everything – within the largest mountain within the World Pillar Mountains. This city is quite large, compromising many square miles of cavernous terrain with the mountain home. This is the home of the Mosque of the Faceless Once and the Seat of Justice, which houses the tribunal of the Ministry of the Mind. The city is kept warm via a thermal venting system supplied by a large river system of molten magma. Many of the wealthiest homes of the Yakira are located along the walls of these vents, with balconies and walkways overhanging and crossing the core of this 40’ diameter vents.

Two other cities share a similar design, but with less vents than Yiggrst. To the north of the capital city is Drggsdil, home to many rich mines of silver and gold. To the south is Srilsta, where a special underground wood is grown that is used I the construction of the majority of wands utilized by the Ministry of the Mind.

Amongst the plains to the east of Yiggrst lies two cities, one on the main river and one at the foot of the next range of mountains. Respectively, these are Yargshis and Ullrs. Likewise, on the western plains, lies Trorsh along the western river and Arstdil along the western mountain range. These cities commit to farming during the 6 months that the snow is not falling, though they are still heavy in the politics of Yakirian society.

There are smaller settlements scattered throughout the realm. One settlement of interest lies to the far north of the Yakirian realms, where all three mountain ranges converge. Deep within the mountain, atop a peak, is the shrine home of the Conclave. Only representatives of the Conclave attend the Mosque of the Faceless One in Yiggrst. This shrine, Craglif by name, is a virtually peaceful location within the domineering landscape of the Yakira. The monks and priests who live here do little else other than pay tribute to the faceless one. The slaves of other races that dwell here find it peaceful as well and receive quite fair treatment as opposed to the slave dregs of the rest of Yakirian society.