World Pillar Mountains

The World Pillar Mountains are the home of many sentient races, both at large and within the large mountain complex. The dominate race in the World Pillar Mountains and at large are the Yakira, who have several underground mountain homes and have begun to lay claim to the surrounding areas, including the foothills to the west of the mountains. These foothills are the home for several hunter/gathering tribes that herd the local livestock (tahrs or desert mountain goats). The footmen, at one time, used to trade with the desert tribes that dwelt south of the Furrowed Mountains near Utaqa. This was many years ago, the large land locked salty body of water where the tribes used to meet has since dried up and is now the home to many Unenlightened lizard-folks (lizardmen and the like). Underneath the mountains, beyond the southern borders of the Yakira are the dwarves of Anansi, whom wield powers of the mind as granted by their trickster spider-God. Discover more of these unique locations below:

Yakirian Realms The Plains and Mountains of the World Pillar Mountains
Hunter Gatherers of the Foothills Slave Stock of the Yakmen
Tribes of the Salt Flats Intrusive lizard-folk from the Jungle of Monsters beyond the Ruined Kingdoms
Dwarves of Anansi Ancient, mysterious dwarves who have little or no contact with the world above ground.
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