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hey... cut us some slack...
we're just warming up...

as wE aLL kNow, a REvoLutioN caN't takE pLacE ovER NiGht, aNd NoNe of us caN do it aLoNE. aNGELs of chaos is tRyiNg to bRiNg toGethER aNaRchists aRouNd the woRLd so that wE caN woRk toGEthER to makE thE nEcEssaRy chaNGEs happEN, aNd sooN.

fiRst off, wE aLL NEEd a way to kEEp iN touch, fiNd pEopLE iN ouR REspEctivE aREas, ask quEstioNs, aNd fiNd ways to makE thE chaNGEs wE aLL waNt REaLitiEs. ouR buLLEtiN boaRd aLLows aNaRchists iN aNy LocatioN to LEavE Each othER mEssagEs and GEt quick REsponsEs. soMetiMEs thERE caN bE aN EvENt (aka, raLLiEs, sit-iNs, somEoNE sEts up a squathousE, pRojEcts, EvEN kEwL coNcERts...) that bRiNg toGEthER a LaRGE GRoup of aNaRchists/activists... pLEasE add aNy EvENts you kNow of, EvEN if thEy aREN't iN youR aREa.

:::cuRReNtLy staRtEd!:::
aNothER fEatuRE that wE havE just addEd is ouR suGGestioN paGE. a Lot of pEopLE NEw to thE aNaRchist/activist scENE aREN't suRE of whERE to staRt. thE suGGEstioN paGE is a foRum foR pEopLE to LEavE idEas, thiNGs thEy'vE triEd, why that pRojEct succEEdEd oR faiLEd, Etc. pLEasE sENd submissioNs to this sEctioN to *h⤧* with "pRojEct suGGEstioNs" as thE subjEct.

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