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wELL, kids... as pRomisEd... hERE it is... youR tickEt to fREEdom... *GRiN*

basicaLLy, how this camE about is this... my fRiENds aNd i wERE taLkiNG aNd wE camE to a coNcLusioN -
wE aRE aLL sick of LiviNG at homE.

i'm suRE that thERE aRE a Good NumbER of you who aGREE. wE dEcidEd that it wasN't GEttiNG us aNywhERE to just sit aRouNd aNd compLaiN about it... if wE waNt to chaNGE what's happENiNG, LikE wE aLways tELL you, wE'vE Gotta GEt up off ouR assEs aNd *DO* somEthiNG about it... RiGht?¿?

so wE did... i'vE bEEN woRkiNg NiGht aftER NiGht... fiGuRiNG out just *HoW* wE couLd maNaGE to movE out whiLE stiLL attENdiNG schooL (yEah, that's RiGht... i doN't waNNa LivE at homE, but that doEsN't mEaN i'm dRoppiNG outta schooL) aNd EatiNG EvERy Now aNd aGaiN... tuRNs out, it miGht Not bE as haRd as i ExpEctEd... doN't GEt mE wRoNG... it's Not GoNNa bE aLL fLowERs aNd sUNshiNE, but it *iS* do-abLE...

thE bEst way that i caN ExpLaiN it is to show you thE fiGuREs i'vE comE up with...

okay, so hERE's what wE'vE Got... say that you Got a job whERE you makE a Lousy $6.10 aN houR, RiGht? aNd LEt's supposE that you oNLy woRk 20 houRs a wEEk... so you'd bE makiNG $122 bucks a wEEk (pLEasE makE suRE that you aRE *NoT* woRkiNG uNioN LikE my stupid ass... thEy takE 20% of youR cash aNd GivE you jack shit if you'RE uNdER 60...)... so, you'vE Got $122 a wEEk, which tRaNsLatEs iNto $488 a moNth... Not a hELL of a Lot, Eh?? EspEciaLLy whEN you coNsidER that youR avERaGE apaRtmENt is GoNNa RuN you about $550 a moNth just foR RENt, pLus about $150 foR utiLitiEs (watER, hEat, ELEctRicity, aLL that Good stuff), $100 foR youR phoNE, aNd at LEast $50 a moNth foR food... (if you'RE Lucky... aNd you shop REaLLy chEap...) you'd havE to comE up with at LEast $850 a moNth... so how, you ask, caN this possibLy woRk?¿? WELL, my fRiENds, as youR paRENts aLso pRobabLy usEd to tELL you, thERE is safEty iN NumbERs...*GRiN*

so hERE's how you do it... you kNow that GREat job i just toLd you about? wELL, GRab 3 of youR fRiENds aNd havE thEm fiNd GREat jobs too... (waRNiNG: makE suRE thEsE aRE pEopLE who you caN spENd massivE timE with - aNd i mEaN *MasSivE* - without waNtiNG thEiR hEads oN a pikE... aNd aLso pEopLE that you tRust... you'LL sEE why...) aNd havE thEm GEt a GREat (hEy, it's RELativE) job too... so you'RE makiNG $488 a moNth... aNd so is youR fRiENd JoE... aNd JaNE... aNd Bob too... *hEhEhE* aRE you GEttiNG this yEt?¿? so, coLLEctivELy, you Guys aRE RakiNG iN $1952.00 a moNth... REmEbER that fiGuRE i GavE you pER moNth?¿? a mERE $850 a moNth?¿? *hEhEhE* Now it caN bE scoffEd at... with $1102.00 a moNth to spaRE... souNdiNG Good yEt?¿? so ya thiNk ya Got it Easy Now, RiGht... wELL, haNG oN a sEcoNd bEfoRE you staRt packiNG youR stuff... REmEmbER, thERE *aRE* GoNNa bE othER costs you havE to dEaL with... say somEoNE GEts sick - you'vE doctoR's biLLs, possibLy hospitaL biLLs... you Got a caR?? *L* thERE GoEs about $1000.00 a yEaR... aNd that's just oN iNsuRaNcE aNd Gas... if youR caR doEsN't GuzzLE Gas, that is... Not to mENtioN if it bREaks dowN... so Now it souNds LikE wE'RE aGaiNst thE idEa, huh?? wELL, wE aREN't... wE'RE just waRNiNG you... bE suRE that if you dEcidE to tRy this, makE suRE that you *PLAN AHEAD*. staRt saviNG yEstERday. you caN't staRt with ENouGh of a cash cushioN bEhiNd you. aNd as you Go, kEEp saviNG... baNk as much of that (so-caLLEd) ExtRa cash as you caN spaRE... tRy Not to spENd it oN shit you doN't REaLLy NEEd... you'LL REGREt it whEN youR caR *doEs* bREak dowN, oR whEN Bob oR JaNE LosEs thEiR job aNd you Guys havE to covER him/hER tiLL thEy GEt back oN thEiR fEEt...DO NOT BAIL OUT ON YOUR FRIENDS!¡!¡! but if you *do* LosE youR job, GEt off youR ass thE day bEfoRE aNd fiNd a NEw oNE... youR fRiENds aRE thERE to hELp you, but doN't makE thEm stRuGGLE bEcausE you'RE Lazy...

so that's it kids... that's how you caN GEt out if you'RE sick of it... but it's Not Easy, No mattER what you may thiNk... you pRobabLy wiLL stRuGGLE at timEs... but if you aRE *that* REady to GEt out, you shouLd bE okay with that... thiNk about it a *LOT* bEfoRE you dEcidE to Go foR it... aNd aLso, doN't bE a shit to youR paRENts about it... thEy pRobabLy aREN't GoNNa LikE it... doN't thRow a tEmpER taNtRum... ExpLaiN to thEm WHY you waNt to do it... GivE thEm dEcENt REasoNs, aNd bE pREpaREd foR oppositioN... thEy moRE thaN LikELy wiLL bE aGaiNst it... watch out foR "RuN-away" Laws... dEpENdiNG oN whERE you aRE aNd how oLd you aRE, if you just LEavE, you may bE coNsidEREd a RuN-away, iN which casE thE poLicE caN quitE LEGaLLy EscoRt you back to youR paRENts... a majoR bummER.

if you dEcidE that this is foR you, Good Luck... wE hopE it woRks out foR thE bEst... just REmEmbER, doN't do aNythiNG stupid... if you fuck up aNd GEt iN tRoubLE, it's Not ouR fauLt... you REcEivEd NO subLimiNaL mEssaGiNG tELLiNG you to movE out of youR housE... so doN't bLamE us if you faLL oN youR facE... this is foR EducatioNaL puRposEs oNLy - whatEvER you dEcidE to do aNd whatEvER thE coNsEquENcEs, wE accEpt *NO* REspoNsibiLity... soRRy, d00dz... happy packiNG...

youR buddiEs,

Nø†hiNG & Ghøs†

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