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John Weintz

For more than twenty years John Weintz of near Bonanza has been a resident of Wyoming an active energetic contributor to the progress and development of the state having come here in 1884 when the population was very sparse the country very new and the conditions of life in many respects very hard. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in March 1863. His parents were John and Elizabeth Weintz who was born and reared in Germany, immigrated to the United States soon after their marriage. At the age of twenty-one years, John who had been raised and educated in his native city came to Wyoming and located for a short time at Cheyenne. From there in the same year he removed to Johnson County before the end of the year settling where he now lives and where he is prosperously engaged in raising stock. His farm comprises 240 acres of good land and is well improved. He has 200 head of cattle and conducts his operation both in the stock industry and in the farming incidentally connected there with vigor and intelligence omitting no effort on his part to insure the best results from both and showing in what he has achieved and accomplished what may always be expected from the application of real German thrift and continued and systematic industry. He was married at Hyattville, Wyoming in 1896 to Miss Anita Mercer a native of Oregon. They have four children, Annie, John M., Dorothy and Louis. Mr. Weintz is a member of the order of Modern Woodmen of America and shows his loyalty to the order by active interest and useful service. In all public matters he is deeply interested and is energetic in aid of every good movement for the benefit of the people around him and the progress and improvement of his county and state. It is from such fibers of character and citizenship as Mr. Weintz displays that the rapid development of the Northwest and it generous endowment with every moral and educational feature of an advanced civilization have been woven. Nature threw down here in immeasurable abundance the material for mighty states in the political world and gave unlimited stores of wealth apparent and hidden for their support and expansion and the hardy enduring and industrious populations which have overspread then for every quarter of the world have accepted her bounty on the terms prescribed and are working out her purpose. Among the elements of the developing forces none has done more than that which came from the Fatherland with all its long-taught lessons of diligence application and patient faith in ultimate results.

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