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Cpl. Edward E. Lyon

I would like my great-great grandfather listed, he was Cpl. Edward E. Lyon, Corporal, U.S Army 6th Cavalry Troop C. He served in the Indian Wars, the Spanish American War, and the Boxer Rebellion.
  • He got married in Valentine, NE in 1894, while he was in the Army. He served from 1890-1910.
  • He also lived in Kilgore, NE sometime between 1911, as the Republican in Valentine on July 29, 1911 states that Mr. E.E Lyon of Kilgore made this office a business call last Saturday.
  • Mr. Lyon is buried in the Cemetary in Lander, Wy, as he moved to Hudson, Wy in about 1911.
  • He is listed in the muster rolls as a Connecticut man who served in the Spanish American War, as he was born in 1869 in Kesington, CT, and enlisted from there in 1890.
  • He is buried with a military marker that says " Cpl. U.S Army 6th Cavalry Troop C. Submitted by: Dan Schisel