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Wyoming/Western Nebraska Cemeteries - X

Wyoming/Nebraska Cemeteries - Index X

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  • Wyoming Counties included in this index are: Albany, Campbell, Carbon, Fremont, Goshen, Laramie, Lincoln, Platte, Sublette, Sweetwater, Teton and Uinta.

  • Nebraska Counties included in this index are: Scottsbluff, Morrill, Kimball, Cheyenne and Misc. Custer & Banner Counties .

  • We’ve recorded all information available. At times the only information listed is birth year and death year. If a cemetery was large we drew a map, setting it up in sections. I will send a copy of the map indicating in which section your ancestor is buried. If you plan to visit the cemetery that may be helpful in locating the gravesite. I've tried to keep this record up to date from obituaries, so in some cases the only information I have is from the obituary – there may not be a headstone.

    Legend: Please read.

  • * sign beside the name means no dates on headstone.. Please, no obituary request for these.
  • # sign beside the name means years only on headstone.
  • % sign beside the name means we have paper copy/scanned copy of the obituary.
  • ^ sign means we have typed copy of the obituary.
  • @ sign beside the name means one date only on the headstone.
  • [] sign beside the name means I have a digital picture of the headstone.

    We are charging a fee of $3.00 for information listed on the headstone, per individual requested.
  • If you want an obituary I ask that you send $10.00. I can scan & send obituaries via email if you prefer.
  • Due to the fact that the local library is now charging a fee of $3.00 to order in a roll of microfilm, I must ask that a person requesting an obituary, that I don’t have in my data base, pay that fee also. Any obituary that I have or can find locally will still be just the $10.00.
  • If you want a digital picture of the headstone I ask $6.00 for each picture.

  • Please send request plus S.A.S.E. - to Phyllis Martin – P. O. Box 671 – Evanston, Wyoming 82931.

    Be sure to include the name: Wyoming/Nebraska Cemeteries. Please send a SASE with your request if you want a paper copy of the obituary.

  • - X -
  • Xerakis, Euthemois - []
  • Xerakis, George
  • Xerakis, Katherine - []
  • Xerakis, Nick
  • Xerakis, Peter J.
  • Xerakis, Sam
  • Xerakis, Samuel - []
  • Xinos, Christ - []

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