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The Nerf Warrior's homepage

This is a die hard nerf warrior page, and if you are not a die hard nerf warrior, go to another loser homepage. I'm not a freak about nerf stuff, in fact, I only own 6 guns. If you play nerf for fun, that's great, but if you play it to satisfy your war needs, paintball is the sport for you.

Now, after you have read this, you are ready to look at my gun reviews, modifications, and my own deadly combinations and arsenal, so kick your feet back, and enjoy my homepage.

Top Nerf News

New release Expand-A-Blast dissapoints everyone, and new release Big Bad Bow is awesome compared to its much older brother the Bow And Arrow. Check them out at my Gun Reviews.

Updated as of 4/26/98

Cyber Strike gun reviews

Super Maxx gun reviews

Max Force gun reviews

Updated as of 5/2/98

Hyper sight gun reviews

Max Force 2112 gun reviews.

Coming soon to the Nerf Warrior's homepage

Mega Blitze gun reviews

Super Maxx 750 gun review

This page, as you can tell is not finished yet. I am updating and finishing it daily, and as an estimate, it will be done by May 20, 1998.

Thank you for visiting my nerf homepage.

( I take no credit for the pictures on this page, and I hope no one gets mad at me for using them.)

Nerf gun reviews to look for on this homepage:

Gun Reviews, modifications, and my own deadly arsenal

Gun Reviews: Cyber Strike Gear
Gun Reviews: Max Force Gear
Gun Reviews: Super Maxx Gear
Gun Reviews: Hyper Sight Gear
Gun Reviews: Max Force 2112