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This website is dedicated to the villains of SuperS, especially Neherenia (who also appears in Sailor Stars). Here you can find information about their personalities, feelings, tastes and generally find out how those people were thinking and behaving.
 I hope your visit here will make you understand the value of those characters and also the true value of this misunderstood season.

 In order to help people who go through this site to get a
clear image of SuperS I have inlcuded lots of texts, pictures and even all the episode summaries of that season.

follow the links that reveal the sad story of a queen...

You are the  person to stare at the mirror

I'am looking for SM fanart and fanfic! Plz mail me your work!


 29/9/99: The games sections is ready!
 30/9/99: Now working on SMSS video!

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