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As most of you know, I am working on a new and much improved New Edition site. However, I am in need of a few things, most of which have been requested by the fans. Those of you who have your own sites know how long it can take to type out some lyrics, not to mention try to figure out what they're saying. (Which I'm terrible at!) So I need your help in order to make it the best and most informative New Edition site ever. If you have any of these, please e-mail me at Thank you in advance for your help, cooperation, and most of all, patience in these two years a lot of you have been waiting!!

*You will get credit for anything you send to me, unless you do not want to be credited. Please see the format I used for other lyrics before submitting lyrics to me. I might add a few things to the lyrics - like background parts - and change it to suit my own style of doing them, but you will still receive the credit for sending them to me, if they are mostly correct. Also, please do not send me lyrics that are on other sites because I've seen most of them, and they are not accurate (or I would have already used them). Thanks!!

  • CONCERT, ALBUM, & PLAY REVIEWS (New Edition or solo)
  • LINKS (Don't have to be related to New Edition, but they must be appropriate!)